Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Par Avion

Claire writes a message
that vaguely explains the sitch
re: 815's crash.

She then puts the note
onto a bird's leg and has
the bird fly away.

In the past (you know
it's the past due to Claire's goth
wig), Claire meets Christian.

Although she never
learns his name or that she's got
Jack for a brother.

Sayid, Lock, Kate, and
Patchy get to a sonic
barrier. Patchy... it doesn't work,
but Locke doesn't trust him, so
he pushes him through.

Which causes Patchy's
mouth to foam and ears to bleed.
Guess it does work, huh?

Our heroes climb past
the sonic fence and are now
on the Other's turf.

At the end they get
to the Barracks. And there's Jack!!
He's...playing football?!?

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