Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Glass Ballerina

The Others make Kate
and Sawyer do hard labor.
They make them break rocks.

If they don't do work,
their supervisor, Pickett,
will give James a shock.

Sawyer kisses Kate,
gets beat up. He was testing
how strong the guards are.

Sayid, Jin, and Sun
find the dock. They try to lure
the Others to them.

Instead, the Others
board (and ultimately steal)
Desmond's sailboat. Crap.

Sun did manage to
shoot an Other named Colleen.
This show loves gutshots.

"Henry" goes to Jack,
introduces himself as
Benjamin Linus.

He tells Jack he's lived
on the Island his whole life,
wants Jack to help him.

Says he'll take Jack home.
Jack thinks he's trapped just like they
are. So Ben shows him...

...they have access to
the outside world by showing
him the Red Sox win.

This episode could
have been written by Dr.
Seuss. See what I mean:

Breaking rocks, getting
shocks, shooting near docks. Matthew
Fox sees the Red Sox.

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