Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - What Kate Did

What Kate Did: Murder
her abusive step father,
then went on the run.

On the Island, Kate
kissed Jack, then ran away and
saw a horse she knew.

What Eko did: watched
the Orientation film,
along with Michael.

Eko gives Locke a
strip of film he found while at
the Dharma bunker.

He then tells Locke, "Don't
mistake coincidence for
fate." Good advice, dude.

The extended film
just warns of the dangers of
using the comp for...

...anything other
than entering the numbers.
So, nothing new there.

(Which makes me wonder
why it was removed and put
way across the Isle.)

Anyway. Here's what
Michael did: pointed out the
blast doors in the Swan.

Then did a little
chatting on the computer.
With Walt. O. M. G.

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