Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Abandoned

Sayid and Shannon
have sex. In a horror film
Shannon would die now.

She doesn't die. (Yet.)
But she does have a vision:
Walt -- talking backwards.

She screams. When Sayid
asks what's wrong, she tells him, but
no one can see Walt.

Ana and her crew
are making their way across
the Island. Sawyer...

...still wounded from the
bullet, collapses. Ana
says, "Leave him. Let's go."

(When Ana gets to
the Wizard, she's gonna ask
for a heart, I bet.)

To the credit of
her fellow survivors, they
have some compassion.

They opt to make James
a stretcher and carry him.
Cindy disappears.

They hear the whispers.
Ana draws her gun... and shoots.
Shannon gets gutshot.

She collapses in
Sayid's arms. Sayid looks pissed.
Really, really pissed.

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