Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Long Con

When Sun gets attacked,
the Others are blamed, causing
Jack, Jin, and Ana... want to get guns.
Locke thinks that's a bad idea,
so he hides them all.

But Sawyer finds them
(with help from Charlie), declares
himself "New Sheriff".

Charlie and Sawyer
worked together to pull this
off. James wanted guns.

Charlie just wanted
Locke to look like a fool. Both
got what they wanted.

Charlie says no one
can ever find out about
what he did to Sun.

Sawyer agrees to
this, but Sawyer is not a
good person, he says.

We see his flashback
where he pulled a long con on
Cassidy Phillips.

She was jus ta mark,
at first, then he fell in love
with her. Still conned her.

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