Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Maternity Leave

When Aaron gets sick,
Claire decides she needs to get
back her memories.

The best way to do
that? Go into the jungle
with Kate and Rousseau.

They find a Dharma
medical bunker, but it's
been cleared out. Although...

...Kate finds a fake beard
and Claire gets her memory
back: Ethan drugged her.

Ethan drugged her lots.
The Others kept her doped up.
But, a teenage girl...

...(Danielle's child, perhaps?)
helps Claire escape before they
perform C-section.

When they get back to
camp, Aaron's sickness has passed.
Turnip-Head's okay!

Meanwhile, Eko talks
with Henry Gale, tells him how
he killed two Others.

Says he's sorry, asks
for forgiveness. Henry looks
terrified of him.

At the end, Henry
insinuates to Locke that
Jack is the leader.

Locke says decisions
are made together, then has
a fit, breaks dishes.

Henry smiles, since his
seeds of dissension and doubt
have been well planted.

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