Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - No Place Like Home, Part 2

The Oceanic
Six and Desmond and Frank are
able to get saved.

Penny's Boat shows up
to save the day, after Not
Penny's Boat goes boom.

Which happened after
Ben made sure Keamy's heart was
no longer beating.

Keamy was wearing
a heart monitor that would
trigger the C-4.

When the bomb went off,
Michael, Ghost-Christian, and Jin
were all exploded.

Sun's heart-wrenching scream
when she loses Jin is, well...
here. Just watch and weep.

Ben moves the Island.
Literally! He turns a
frozen donkey wheel...

...there's a blinding flash,
and then Whoomp! There it isn't.
Man, this show is cool.

Juliet and James
watch the smoldering wreckage
of their rescue boat...

...and, as far as they
know, about half of the main
characters just died.

That's a pretty good
excuse for getting wasted,
which is what they do.

Locke meets up with the
Others. At least someone has
a happy ending.

Except...not so much.
In the future, Locke is dead.
That's why Jack's a mess.

Jack says Locke said things
went to shit after Jack left.
Jack's on a guilt trip.

Ben's there (becuase
he hangs out at funeral
parlors, I suppose.)

Ben tells Jack that they
have to go back. All of them.
Even dead John Locke.

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