Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - D.O.C.

When it comes to Sun's
unborn baby, Jin, you are
the father!! Woo hoo!

But then Juliet
give Sun bad news: Pregnant plus
Island equals death.

Then she leaves a tape
recording for Ben. Doesn't
mention hating him.

Desmond, Charlie, Jin
and Hurley are trying to
tend to the pilot.

She's seriously
wounded and needs medical
attention ASAP.

She has a sat phone,
but it doesn't appear to
be working right now.

Patchy shows up and
he's all, "Reports of my death
have been blah blah blah."

Using his med skillz,
Patchy saves the woman's life.
Then he runs away.

She tells Hurley that
815's wreckage was found
in the ocean. What?!?

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