Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Two for the Road

knew (sorta) Jack's dad! They went
to Oz together.

Christian got wasted,
yelled at Claire's mom that he has
the right to see her...

...since she's his daughter.
(Jack and Claire are related
and don't know it. Weird.)

Ana is attacked
by Henry. He calls her a
killer, says she's bad.

Locke saves her, and asks
why he didn't attack him
when he had the chance.

Henry tells Locke it's
because Locke is a good guy
he was coming for.

Ana asks Sawyer
for a gun, but of course he
denies her request.

Later, she distracts
him by redirecting the
blood flow from his brain.

Hurley and Libby
are going on a picnic,
forgot the blanket.

Libby says she'll get
the blanket if Hurley gets
the wine. They're so cute.

Michael tells the group
that the Others are weak and
they can be taken.

Jack, Kate and Locke go
to ask Sawyer for the guns
while Ana confronts...

...Henry. She can't bring
herself to pull the trigger.
Michael says he will.

Ana gives him her
gun. He says, "I'm sorry," then
Michael shoots Ana. (!!)

Then Libby shows up
and blam!, Michael shoots her, too. (!!!!)
Next, he sees Henry...

...but Michael doesn't
shoot the prisoner, but his
own shoulder instead (!!!!!!)

I think the only
phrase that can sum this up is:
Holy Fucking Shit.

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