Thursday, January 28, 2010

The number you are trying to reach is not in service...

Dude. Effective tomorrow (sometime between 7am and 4pm) our home phone number will no longer be the same one we have had for [at least] 11 years.

RIP, Catman4. You were a good number for a long long time. And then you got annoying when the only people who used you were creditors. I hope whoever ends up with you isn't overly irritated by getting calls asking for Patrick Wall-in.

And, yeah. Our number was "catman4". (It could have, I suppose, been "Batman4", but we all know that that was an abomination against humanity. And besides, for a while in my youth, my nickname was, in fact, C.A.A.T. (It stood for Crazy At All Times) So being "Catman" had a somewhat logical precedent.

Our new number, sadly, doesn't spell anything out. Or at least, nothing I've figured out yet.

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Amy said...

True story: I have had the same home phone number all my life, despite having lived in 3 different homes.