Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - ?

Jack, Kate, Locke, Sawyer
all enter the Swan and find
the mess Michael made.

Michael blames Henry,
who, of course, has already
left the premises.

Ana is dead. But
Libby hasn't died quite yet.
Jack tries to save her.

He has Sawyer get
the heroin, but it's no
use. Libby soon dies.

Her final word was
"Michael". Jack assures her that
Michael is okay.

Eko has dreams with
Ana and Yemi telling
him to find the mark.

The question mark, that
is. And they say to bring John.
Eko obeys them.

Locke and Eko find
the question mark - it's where the
drug plane's wreckage is.

Moving the plane, they
discover another hatch.
Man, they're everywhere!!

Inside this one is
a bunch of old monitors.
On one screen - it's Jack!

Locke and Eko watch
the Orientation film.
It tells them these things:

They're in the Pearl Hatch.
The job of the Pearl is to
observe the Swan Hatch.

The Swan folks won't know
they're being observed. Reports
of their behavior...

...are to be sent in
a pneumatic tube. After
the video ends...

...Locke is even more
convinced that the button is
meaningless. Eko...

...on the other hand,
is absolutely certain
the button's vital.

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