Sunday, January 10, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Orientation

We see the scene with
Jack, Locke, Kate and Desmond yet
again! Stop stalling!

This time, though, Kate gets
to the gun storage (yay, more
guns. Just what they need!)

Anyway, she arms
herself with a shotgun and
sneaks up on Desmond.

She hits him, and his
gun fires a bullet which hits
the old computer.

Desmond's reaction
is a bit extreme: "We're all
gonna die. ......brothas."

Desmond points out the
timer, says he needs to push
the button or else.

Or else what? Jack asks.
Des doesn't answer at first.
Tells how he got there:

He was racing 'round
the world, his boat crashed, a guy
named Kelvin found him...

...pulled him in the Hatch,
said "We need to enter the
code to save the world."

So together they
pushed the button. Then, Kelvin
died. Now he's alone.

He returns to the
computer, tells the guys to
watch the film. They do.

The old film is marked
"Orientation" - just like
the name of this ep!

On the film, Dr.
Marvin Candle says, "Welcome
to the Swan Station."

The Swan (which is what
they are inside of) is part
of the DHARMA group.

Dharma is a group
doing experiments in
magnetism and...

...zoology (we
see a shot of polar bears
when this is said) and...

...psychology and
various other science
type things. At first the...

...Swan was designed to
study the magnetism
from the Island, but...

...there was an unnamed
Incident, so for now they
must push the button...

...every one-hundred
and eight minutes. Good luck, we're
all counting on you.

The film ends, Locke wants
to watch it again. Jack's all,
"Nope. This is crazy."

Desmond, meanwhile, has
decided he can't repair
the computer. Run!

He takes off into
the jungle. Maybe he and
Danielle can hook up.

At the Swan, Sayid
has shown up. He repairs the
comp. Locke types the code.

Then he tells Jack to
push the Execute button.
Jack says, "You do it."

The countdown timer
is blaring as they argue
some more. Good god, men!

FINALLY, with one
second remaining Jack hits
the button. Locke smiles.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on
the Island, Jin, Sawyer and
Michael get beat up... a very large
black man with a club. Then they
get thrown in a pit.

As they try to plan
an escape, a woman is
thrown in there with them.

The girl with the too long name
who was on the plane!

She tells them she has
been alone on the Island
until yesterday.

Sawyer pulls out his
gun so they can escape, but
Ana takes it and...

...the large black guy pulls
her out. So Ana is with
the Others? Oh, crap.

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