Saturday, January 16, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Live Together, Die Alone

My god. So much takes
place in this episode, it's
making my head hurt.

Desmond is back! He
was the one on the boat. He
tried to leave, couldn't.

His sailboat somehow
wouldn't sail north, instead brought
him back to the Isle.

Desmond flashback time!
Des was in jail for a bit.
Military, too.

A man named Charles
Widmore tells Des some bad news:
his daughter's engaged.

Widmore's daughter is
Desmond's true love. Penny is
her name. Des is sad.

To win Penny's love,
and the respect of her dad,
Des will race round globe.

Yeah, it's a little
convoluted. Lost sometimes
gets that way, ya know?

Anyway. Desmond
wants to race around the world,
but he's got no boat.

Fortunately, he
meets Libby (!!) who's recently
widowed. She gives him...

...her dead husband's boat.
Well, that's exceptionally
kind-hearted of her!

Just before starting
the race, Penny finds Desmond.
He tells her, "One year."

"One year from now I'll
be back, your dad will respect
me, things will be great!"

Of course, it doesn't
work that way. During the race
Desmond's boat crashes.

Kelvin, who is dressed
in a biohazard suit
finds, rescues Desmond.

We see Desmond and
Kelvin entering the code,
working on the map.

Kelvin made lots of
trips outside the Swan, always
while wearing the suit.

On the day the plane
crashed, Des followed Kelvin out
to where his boat was.

Des asks Kelvin, "You
were going to leave me here?
What of the button?"

Kelvin says, "Screw the
button! We don't even know
if it's real or not."

Des isn't happy
about this. He and Kelvin
fight. Des knocks him out.

He may have killed him,
but we don't know. Des has to
run back to the Swan.

The alarm's blaring,
metal is flying, the comp.
says, "System Failure"

And yes, 815
apparently was destroyed
by the Swan's magnets.

Des enters the code
and things go back to normal.
We're now up-to-date.

Sayid, Jin and Sun
sail in the boat to surprise
attack the Others.

Along the way, they
see a large four-toed statue.
(What's in the shadow?)

The Others capture
Hurley, Jack, Kate and Sawyer,
take them to a dock.

Henry shows up and
appears to be the leader
of the Others. Huh.

He tells Michael he's
free to get on their boat with
Walt, and not come back.

He instructs him to
follow a particular
bearing to escape.

Suddenly there's a
very loud, very weird sound
and..a purple sky.

Purple freaking sky!!
How'd that happen? Well, Locke
let timer run out.

Desmond (and Eko)
tried to convince Locke not to,
but were unable.

Des turned a fail safe
key at the last possible
sec, and... purple sky.

Also, the Swan seems
to have exploded, maybe
killing Des and Locke.

The Others untie
Hurley, so he can tell the
Losties: "Stay away"

As Michael boards the
boat to leave, he asks Henry,
"Who are you people?"

"We're the good guys," is
Henry's response. Damn. I'd hate
to see the villains.

In some snow covered
part of the world, two guys with
computer systems...

...pick up some signal
about the Island. They call
Penny. "We found it!"

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