Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost -Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Hurley's flashback starts:
Young Hugo's dad leaves, Hurley
eats to compensate.

Charlie is moping
due to being told he'll die.
Hurley blames the curse.

He tells Charlie that
death follow him around and
right on cue, Vincent...

...brings Hurley an arm.
Ha! I love that crazy dog.
Vincent leads Hurley... a Volkswagen
bus tipped over in the woods.
Hurley says, "Awesome."

Flashback! When Tricia
Tanaka is trying to
interview Hurley...

...the cursed numbers strike
in the form of a random
meteor impact.

It's bizarre and
a bit over the top as well
as very funny.

Hurley comes home and
finds his father has returned.
Hurley's not happy.

He knows his dad has
only come back because of
the money he has.

Jin and Hurley get
into the bus, which has a
dried up corpse inside.

The dead guy has a
uniform on that IDs
him: Roger Work Man

Roger had a bunch
of beer in the back of the
VW van.

The beer, while really
old (like Rocky III old) works
as payment for James... get him to help
in Hugo's quest to get the
van running again.

Flashback! Hurley's dad
says in life (and Titanic)
you make your own luck.

Taking this advice
to heart, Hurley gets Charlie
to ride in the van.

His logic is if
they don't die, they'll have beaten
their curses. Makes sense.

So they get in while
Jin and James push it down a
hill toward huge rocks.

But of course Hurley
pops the clutch and the eight track
kicks on and it's great.

Jin and James exclaim
with happiness and all four
guys enjoy the drive.

Even Vincent is
thrilled since he gets to go for
a ride again. Yay!

This episode, and
this scene in particular,
was just lots of fun.

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