Monday, January 25, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Beginning of the End

Future Hurley see
Maybe Evil Abaddon,
Dead Charlie, and Jack.

Abaddon asks him,
"Are they still alive?". Music
plays ominously.

Dead Charlie tells him
that he needs to go back. Hey!
That's what Jack told Kate!

Jack's not saying that
yet, though. When he sees Hurley,
he still has no beard.

When Hurley mentions
going back, Jack says 'never'.
Never say never!

Hurley also tells
Jack he shouldn't have gone with
Locke while on the Isle.

And we see when that
happened - after Hurley hears
about Charlie's death.

Locke tells the Losties,
"I'm going to the Barracks.
Who wants to join me?"

Hurley, Sawyer, Claire,
Aaron, and some background folk
opt to follow Locke.

Jack gets greeted by
one of the freighter crew who
jumped from a copter.

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