Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Through the Looking Glass

In the off Island
scenes, Jack is a mess. Popping
pills, heavy drinking...

...almost jumping off
bridges, visiting coffins,
sportin' a whack beard.

The beard, by the way,
gives it away that this is
the future, not past.

On the Island, Jack
leads most of his group to the
radio tower.

Ben shows up, Alex
is with him. Ben tries warning
them: Naomi's bad.

Alex and Danielle
have a touching reunion
where they tie Ben up.

Ben says Naomi
is not who she says she is.
No one believes him.

Except for John Locke.
Who got out of the death pit
with some help from Walt.

Walt was able to
help since he grew to be, like,
900 ft tall.

Locke introduces
himself to Naomi by
using his knife skillz.

He stabs her in the
back. Literally. Tells Jack,
"don't use that sat phone."

Locke warns him: "Jack, you're
not supposed to do this." Jack
does it anyway.

Of course, he can use
the sat phone because Charlie
shut down Looking Glass.

Here's what happened there:
Charlie got tortured, Patchy
went rogue, killed Others.

Desmond shot Patchy
with a harpoon gun. Which would
kill a normal man.

Charlie turns off the
signal, just like in Desmond's
vision. Yay, Charlie!

Oh, and hello, what's
this? Penny is on Skype! Cool!
Charlie learns Penny...

...doesn't know a girl
named Naomi, and didn't
send the boat she's from.

Which means...oh my god.
Ben was telling the truth! I
think hell just froze, dude.

Before Charlie and
Penny can talk more, Patchy
returns. Yet again.

He has a grenade.
He blows himself up. Part of
the Looking Glass, too.

As Charlie's room fills
with water, he writes on his

Aww. So long, Charlie.
Please tell me your sacrifice
was not for nothing.

Back at the tower,
Jack makes the call, reaches the
freighter. "Come get us."

For the final scene,
Back to Jack to the Future.
He meets Kate at night.

He tells her he's been
flying in hopes that the plane
will once again crash.

He says that they made
a mistake. They weren't supposed
to leave the Island.

He ends the season
with, "We have to go back, Kate!
We have to go back!!!!"


Meghan said...

GAH! I can't read your blog anymore! LOST spoilage! [Yes, I'm so far behind.]

P@ said...

Get to hulu and catch up, Meghan! There's just over a week left, and if you hurry, you can watch all of seasons 4 & 5 before season 6 starts!