Friday, January 22, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Man Behind the Curtain

Ben wasn't born on
the Island. Yeah, he lied 'bout
that. Shocking, I know.

Instead, he was born
two months premature a few
miles outside Portland.

His mom, Emily,
died shortly after she had
him. That's pretty sad.

Ben and his dad came
to the Island when Ben was
about ten years old.

Ben's dad brought him to
the Island when he joined up
with the Dharma group.

Holy shit! Ben's dad
is "Roger Work Man"! His corpse
is found by Hurley

We learn how Roger
died - Ben personally gassed
him to death. Evil!!

Sure, Roger was no
Father of the Year - he drank,
blamed Ben for Em's death.

But still. Ben watched him
die! The rest of Dharma was
then killed off as well.

The Dharma bodies
are then put into a mass
grave by the Others.

I'm getting ahead
of myself. We'll come back to
the Dharma graves soon.

Locke wants Ben to tell
him the Island secrets. Ben
says, "you want Jacob".

Locke's all, "OK. Take
me to Jacob then." Ben says
Jacob calls you first.

Locke punches Patchy
to prove he's serious. He
really wants answers.

Before he heads out
with Ben, Alex gives Locke a
gun. "You might need this."

Ben leads Locke to a
cabin, surrounded by ash.
Inside is... a chair.

Ah-ha!! So JACOB
stands for Just A Chair Of Ben's.
Okay, maybe not.

Locke hears a voice say,
"Help me" before things start to
fly around the room.

Locke believed Ben faked
the whole thing, wants to tell the
Others - Ben's a fraud.

Ben leads Locke to the
mass grave pit, then shoots Locke and
leaves him for dead. Damn!!

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