Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Every Man For Himself

James has a daughter!
Cassidy informs him of
this when he's in jail.

His daughter's name is
Clementine (oh my darlin').
James: "I'm not the dad!"

That may be the case,
but he does set up a trust
fund for Clementine.

Guess he forgot that
when he told Charlie he had
never done good things

Colleen, the Other
that Sun shot, ends up dying,
despite Jack's efforts.

Colleen was Pickett's
wife. In his grief, he beats the
hell out of Sawyer.

Then they operate
on him, putting a bomb in
his chest. ...Not really.

Ben does show Sawyer
that they are on a second
island. No escape.

Things are looking bleak.
Meanwhile, Des saves Claire from a
lightning bolt. Shocking!

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