Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Cost of Living

Eko goes chasing
his dead brother's ghost, leads him
back to the drug plane.

Locke, Desmond, Sayid,
Nikki and Paulo go in
the Pearl, watch some tube.

There's nothing much on
(the Island has poor reception)
they see... a pirate?

A guy wearing an
eye patch shows up briefly on
one of the screens. Arr!

"Yemi" wants Eko
to seek forgiveness for his
off-the-Island sins.

Eko says he won't.
"Yemi" walks away, angry.
Smoke monster shows up.

Eko tries to stare
it down again, but this time
it grabs and throws him.

Eko gets beaten
to death. Before he dies, he
tells John, "You are next."

Jack, meanwhile, learns Ben
has a tumor on his spine
that will kill him soon.

Juliet tells Jack
(in secret) that surgery
could "go wrong" -wink wink.

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