Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Cabin Fever

Alpert sees out Locke
the day he's born, when he's ten,
and when he's a teen.

Locke wasn't ready
to accept his destiny.
But Island-Locke is.

With help from some dreams
and a map from a corpse, John
finds Jacob's cabin.

Inside is Christian,
speaking on Jacob's behalf.
Claire is there as well.

I hope Claire's not dead.
Guess we'll have to wait until
Season six to know.

Things on the freighter
are getting intense. Keamy
slit the doctor's throat...

...then dumped the body
overboard. That explains how
he wound up that way

Keamy also shoots
the captain. And straps some sort
of bomb to his arm.

I think it's safe to
say Keamy is one fucked up

Why is he on this
killing spree? Why, to force Frank
to be his pilot.

Meanwhile, Sayid has
taken a raft back to get
survivors rescued.

One last flashback with
Locke: Abaddon plants the seed
of a Walkabout.

When Locke asks Christian
"How do I save the Island?"
He answers, "Move it."

Well. They're gonna need
one hell of a U-Haul truck.
Or a big lever.

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