Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Lockdown

Jack and John aren't pleased
with Henry's "joke" about the
map he made last ep.

Jack tells John to put
him back in the armory.
Henry: "He your boss?"

But Locke seems to have
wised up to Henry's tactics
as he locks him up.

Sayid, Ana, and
Charlie find a grave plus a
wrecked hot air balloon.

Looks like Henry has
been telling the truth from the
beginning. Poor guy.

A muffled warning
on the loud speakers tells Locke
"lockdown imminent"

The blast doors slam shut.
Locke barely gets a crowbar
under the last one.

He can't lift the doors
alone, and the button is
gonna need pushing.

So Locke asks Henry
if he'll help. Henry agrees -
on one condition.

He wants protection
from "Locke's people", since they are
looking for scapegoats.

Locke agrees and lets
Henry out. Together they
get the door lifted...

...and slide a toolbox
underneat to prop it up.
Locke slides under and...

...the door comes down on
Locke's leg. (Ouch!) Henry puts some
weights under the door.

John tells Henry he
needs to crawl through the vents and
enter the code. Now.

Henry crawls through the
vent. While he's doing that, the
lights go out. Black lights...

...kick on, and a map
of all the Dharma stations
is revealed
to Locke.

The lights return and
the door goes up. Locke calls for
Henry. He's still there.

On the way back to
the Swan, Jack and Kate find an
enormous food drop.

As they ponder this,
Sayid et al emerge from
the jungle. Back at...

...the Swan, Locke wonders
what Henry did to restore
the lights, lift the door.

Henry says he just
entered the code, nothing more.
A pissed off Sayid...

...enters, pointing his
gun at Henry. Jack pushes
him against the wall.

Henry's all, "didn't
you find my balloon?" Sayid
says, "Yeah. And a grave...

...But I dug it up.
And guess what. The real Henry
Gale was a black man."

Sayid shows "Henry"
the driver's license he took
from dead guy's wallet.

The lesson here is
Fake Henry is not good at
identity theft.

The other lesson
is Sayid is a bad ass
motherfucker, yo.

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