Friday, January 15, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - S.O.S.

Bernard thinks making
a giant S.O.S. sign
on the beach will...

...get them rescued. It's
possible. However, his
people skills are poor.

So all his helpers
leave him to do it alone.
By episode's end...

...he's trying to do
a ten person job solo.
He gives it up once...

...Rose tells him that she
was cured of her cancer by
being Island-bound.

Locke has begun to
doubt whether the button does
anything. Instead...

...he is focused on
recreating the blast door
map from memory.

Mostly he recalls
the middle with the giant
question mark on it.

Jack and Kate venture
out to where the Others had
taken Kate hostage

The plan is to trade
fake Henry for Walt. Henry
says that will not work.

After getting caught
in a net, Jack yells and yells.
No Others show up.

But then there's Michael!
He collapses, 'cuz that's what
returning folks do.

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