Sunday, January 17, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - A Tale of Two Cities

Jack, Kate and Sawyer
are being held captive by
the Others. First, Jack:

He awakens in
some sort of dank room with a
large plexi-glass wall.

There are chains and pipes
all over the place as well.
Hey, Jack - a visitor!

A female Other
named Juliet brings a cheese
sandwich in for him.

Jack doesn't want her
sandwich. He wants to know where
Kate and Sawyer are.

Later, he tries to
escape, resulting in his
near drowning. Oh, Jack.

He's being held in
an underwater Dharma
station called Hydra.

Kate, meanwhile, gets to
put on a pretty dress and
also some handcuffs.

She has breakfast with
Henry, who tells her the next
two weeks won't be fun.

She's then brought to a
cage opposite Sawyer. He's
happy to see her.

The cages are where
the polar bears were kept. James
shares his fish biscuit.

Sawyer also met
a young teen named Karl who helped
James escape - briefly.

Juliet caught James
and put him back in his cage.
Karl got caught as well.

Juliet, by the
way, informs us of Henry's
actual name - Ben.

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