Saturday, January 09, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Adrift

We fill in a few
of the missing pieces from
the last episode.

We get to see Locke's
first encounter with Desmond.
Locke goes down the Hatch...

...and Desmond is there,
pointing his gun at Kate. He
asks Locke, "Are you him?"

Locke pauses briefly
then says, "Yes." Well, we know Locke
has seen Ghostbusters.

Desmond is happy
to see "him". Asks Locke about
Kate. "She's with me." Des...

...asks Locke, "What did one
snowman say to the other
snowman?" When Locke can't...

...answer, Desmond knows
he's not really "him". He tells
Kate to tie Locke up.

But Locke says, "She's a
fugitive. I just work in
an office building."

So Kate gets tied up
instead, with Locke giving her
a knife to escape.

She gets thrown in a
pantry, full of food. She eats
some chocolate, then crawls...

...up into the vent.
Suddenly an alarm goes
off. Des forces Locke... the computer,
tells him to type the Numbers,
then hit "Execute".

This stops the alarm,
and a large timer resets
back to one-oh-eight.

Meanwhile, Michael and
Sawyer float on what's left of
Michael's burned up raft.

Jin is nowhere to
be found, and Michael yells Walt's
name forty-two times.

Sawyer removes the
bullet from his shoulder with
his bare hands. Manly!

Sawyer and Michael
have the current return them
to the Island. Jin...

...comes running over,
looking horrified. He screams
"Udders!!" They close in.

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