Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Whole Truth

In flashbacks, Jin and
Sun were trying to conceive.
Jin has low sperm count.

But the Island, it
seems, fixes paralysis
and fertility.

Because Sun? Knocked up.
She tells Jin. He's ecstatic.
Jin's such a good guy.

Locke tells Ana 'bout
Henry, asks her to talk to
him, see what she thinks.

She does so, asks him
to draw her a map to his
hot air balloon site.

Ana, Sayid, and
Charlie follow the map to
a dense jungle field.

Back at the Swan, Jack
and John give Henry a bowl
full of cereal.

As he eats, he tells
them about the map (neither
man knew about it.)

He then says, "if I
was an Other, I'd draw a
map that was a trap... Ana could be
taken and held hostage for
my release. So it's...

...a good thing I'm not
an Other, isn't it? ...You
guys got any milk?"

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