Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - One of Them

Overall great ep.
This was a turning point in
the show, I believe.

Danielle shows up in
the jungle, looking for Sayid.
She has caught a man.

One of her net traps
is holding a guy who says
he's named Henry Gale.

Danielle tells Sayid
he's "one of them". Henry says,
"What's she talkin' 'bout?"

Sayid wants to talk
with Henry and cuts him down.
He begins to run.

So Rousseau shoots him
with an arrow, right through his
shoulder, knocks him out.

She predicts (rightly):
"Know this. He will lie. For a
long time, he will lie."

Sayid takes Henry
to the Swan. Tells Jack and John.
Jack removes arrow.

Locke and Sayid's plan
is for Sayid to torture
the truth out of Gale.

Henry insists he
and his wife crash landed four
months ago while they...

...were travelling in
a hot air balloon. His wife
got sick and then died.

Jack's worried Henry
might be telling the truth. Says
Locke, "What if he's not?"

Sayid does torture
the man, but he doesn't change
his cover story.

However, Sayid
is convinced Henry is one
of them. Tells Charlie.

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