Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Hunting Party

Michael knocks out Locke,
and at gunpoint, forces Jack
into the gun vault.

He then takes off, to
go track down Walt. Sawyer
and Kate open the...

...door to let Jack and
John out of their prison. Jack
is gonna track Mike.

Sawyer tags along.
Kate tries to as well, but Jack
sends her back. "Stay, Kate."

Of course, Kate doesn't.
She tells Hurley 'bout Michael.
Then she takes off, too.

In the woods, the men
get shot at, then find themselves
surrounded. Others!!

The Others tell Jack
to drop their weapons and go
home. Jack refuses.

But when the Others
show they've captured Kate, Jack sighs
and gives up his gun.

The foursome return
to the beach. Jack tells Ana,
"Let's build an army."

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