Monday, January 11, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Other 48 Days

We see the Tailies
version of the plane crash. Their
season one is short!

Eko rescues a boy.
Ana gives CPR to
his sister, Emma.

The boy - Zach is his
name - is holding a teddy
bear. Like what Jin saw.

That first night, Others
show up, kidnap 3 Tailies.
Two Others get killed...

...By Mr. Eko.
Dude is not someone you want
to mess with, for sure.

Eko spends the next
40 days saying nothing,
carrying big stick.

Others return on
night 12, taking 9 more (this
includes the children).

Ana kills one, finds
they had a list of their names.
Others are creepy.

We see the group find
the Dharma bunker and a
radio. Boone's voice!

Paranoia sets
in and Ana suspects
one of them's a spy.

Turns out, she's right. But
she picks the wrong guy at first.
Goodwin's the Other.

Once she figures it
out, he attacks her. She kills
him in self-defense.

This ep ends like the
last one: Ana shoots Shannon,
Sayid looks real pissed.

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