Saturday, December 29, 2007


Super Mario Galaxy is amazingly fun.

That is all.

Friday, December 28, 2007

i got a pulse

I'm torn between either blogging every day in 2008 (and perhaps going for another 2005 gimmick, wherein i attempt to hit 200,008 words by years end...) and never blogging another day in my life.

I think instead, maybe, i'll compomise, and just blog when i feel like it/have something to say.

This post, mostly, was just to blog. Nothing important, just tired of my last post being the last thing I wrote, ya know?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Mmm. Placebo.

Either that, or the cold/flu/virus thing that I have is super strong and just laughing off the dayquil's effects. "Mwa ha ha! Your pitiful drugs do not work on the likes of me!" - Supervirus

The one effect that the dayquil has had has been to slow time down. Holy, something, the day went by slowly. And as I type this, it feels like it's taking a lot longer to say things than um. something.

2 weeks til "Aught Eight" begins. Although the way that time is moving, it might as well be 2 decades.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Dayquil Hard

I'd really like to see an action movie wherein the hero is fighting a cold as well as the bad guys.

"Yippie-kay-ay...*sneezes* ...MOTHER FUCK!!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

All I want for Xmas

Is some inspiration.
And motivation, to follow through, for when the inspiration strikes.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Can I take you out to the pictures, Joa-oa-oa-oan?

So, we went to see Golden Compass on Sunday, which was the first time we've gone to the movies (or 'the pictures' - how quaint!) as a family since...Ratatouille, which is now out on DVD, so that's an indication of how often this thing happens in our lives.

Anyway. This post is about the trailers we saw.

These aren't in order, because I can't remember the exact order they aired.

Semi-Pro. This movie looks like they took all the Will Ferrell comedies, put them in a blender, and then put a strainer in front so that the good chunks would be left behind.
I didn't laugh once during the trailer (that isn't the one that aired at the theater - but I didn't laugh at that one, either. Will Ferrell naked? Is that comedy? What am I missing here?)
The plot of the movie (such as it is) is about Will Ferrell as a player, coach, and owner of some pathetic basketball team. The owners of the NBA decide that they're going to buy some of the teams... or something? And Will Ferrell has to train his ragtag bunch of misfits to play ball instead of just acting moronic. Meh with a capital M. [oh, here's the trailer that aired in the theater, if you're curious]

Inkheart - Trailer is here!
Steph & the Girls have read this series, so they were pretty excited about seeing this brought to the big screen. It looks ...DVD worthy, I'll give it that. It's difficult for me to see Brendan Fraser and not think Encino Man. Which... probably says more about me than it does him, but oh well.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (Trailer!)
I... don't know. I realize that Hollywood's job is to find something that audiences like and then copy it ad nauseum, but... all the children's fantasy series books ...I don't know. Netflix it is. (Although Saren did say that she wants to read this series now, so...)

Horton Hears a Who! (Trailer! - except that wasn't the one we saw in the theaters. And I'm unable to find the one they showed us. Oh well. The trailer we saw pretty much gave away the whole movie anyway. (I hate when they do that!) But, on the plus side, now we don't have to pay to see it! We can just watch the trailer.
Regardless, I think the whole world needs to realize that Seuss and films... just don't mix. Remember The Cat in the Hat? Yeah, I'm trying to forget it too. This movie doesn't look as though it will be as horrible as that was (how could it be?) but it doesn't look good, either.

The Great Debaters (Trailer!) I'm sure that this movie will have first class acting, and that the story will be moving and inspirational and blah-de-blah, but the trailer showed the whole movie, and it's nothing we've not seen a gabillion times before, really, so what's the point?
But I do like Denzel Washington and Forest Whitaker.

...I think that was all of them. They may have had a trailer for Walk Hard, but they also had a 'commercial' before the trailers where they asked people to turn off their cell phones using characters from that movie, so i might be confused.

The bottom line is that all the trailers were kind of ...disappointing. At least the movie was decent.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Eee eee eee!!!


December 14th is Monkey Day! (although everyday is Monkey Day if you live right.)

Back to the drawing board

Not entirely, of course, but there is some tinkering to be done... which was totally to be expected.

Steph says the very true, "You need to be willing to let go of some of your ideas", which ...yeah. Yeah.

Tomorrow is a 'bus' day, so who knows if I'll be awake enough to function in any sort of ...way. We'll see. I've got some changes to make.


Remember remember the 11th of December

It wasn't until just now that I realized today was the 11th and not the 10th. All day long at work I dated everything as the 10th. Doh.

Monday, December 10, 2007

All work and no play makes P@ a dull boy

So, instead, I took a half day. I came home early, and right now Saren & Harper are playing Wii Sports (Irina is standing between them with a non-plugged in controller, yelling excitedly everytime a player swings the bat, "I did it!").
Steph is out getting groceries (good thing, too, I'm starving!) and once she gets home and we have dinner the whole family is going to play a board game.


Not the most exciting blog entry, but life is good.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Can't beat the real thing

I bet that when The Golden Compass makes its way to network television (in, like, 3 years), that they'll end up having product placement in there. So during the fight between Iorek and Ragnar, there will be coca cola bottles present.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

I've got a commentary without much to say


I finally got the recent comment feature to work. The 5 latest comments will now show up in the sidebar, along with the date and who said it.(just scroll down a bit to see it) Nifty!

Also of the good? Another 4th of that one part of the Project is now at the 56 percent mark. The last 4th will be done tomorrow morning, I can safely predict. AWESOME.

Shane, you ignorant slut

The Shield episode 5-11, "Post Partum"... dude.

Even though I knew it was coming - it's been like 2 years since it originally aired, and the internet means that there are no more secrets - I thought it wasn't going to happen until 5-12. And even though I knew it had to happen... it still sucked.
I watched it on Thursday, and I still can't get it out of my head.
The circumstances for the whole Strike Team, and especially Lem & Shane ...

But, then, freakin' Kavanaugh. "Are you happy now?" Man. Vic should've shot him.

Or Tina. There is no way that she is going to make it as a detective.

In non-Shield news, I think we're going to go see The Golden Compass tomorrow. It'll be interesting to see how we think of it. The girls have all read the book (Steph is reading Amber Spyglass outloud to Saren and Harper right now) but I haven't read any of it, so am going in blind.

Friday, December 07, 2007

day 3

Of not blogging.

And it's not that I don't want to, or don't have anything to say. When I am away from the computer, I have thought of, like, 20 different blog topics.

And then when I sit down in front of the blank screen, my mind decides to match it. Weird.


Yeah. No change yet.

[Edited to add after reading this tripe]
Oh, man. This might just be the most boring entry I have ever written. There's no way I'm going to ever be more dull than I just was. Ever. You are all in witness of history.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

winter = sleep

When the days get all short like this, and the temperature drops, all I really want to do is just curl up and go to sleep. Funny enough, it's not even technically winter yet. But, the desire to hibernate is still there.

In other news, trying to force creativity is a sure-fire way of making sure that it never arrives. I suppose it'll arrive in due time, but I'm getting impatient waiting for it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

On top of the guitar flies a sticky bread.

Title is random. Truly! I got it from this site, which is the coolest thing I've seen in the past five minutes.

So, yeah. Another 'rando'm post, as that seems to be all I can come up with anymore.

I do have a big(ish) post in mind, but, obviously it's not time for that to be written yet.

[-] My mother called me today during my lunch. So now I'm (more) up-dated on the goings-on of my family.
Highlights (such as they are) include=
My sister may be losing her job. Happy Holidays!!
My brother seemed to have scammed our grandmother out of a good chunk of money, then turned around and did the same thing (for lesser amount) to my father.
The Xmas get together won't be happening this year. The time off of work for all parties involved just isn't gonna happen, so we'll all just wish each other merriment via phone and email instead.
My mom's mom broke her neck a few months ago. She's okay now - not paralyzed or anything - but the brush with death was mighty scary.

[-] Sometimes, I'd like to just punch everyone that I work with in the neck. Or face. Or both.

[-] i need to look up patent info. If I can talk safely about The Project without fear that some bozo will steal my idea (or jsut show that I came up with it first) that would be much easier.

[-] last Heroes tonight. (Sorry Amanda!)

[-] leopards.

[-] the Universe is really, really, really big.

[-] Saw a license plate today that made me grin. "UMM NO" Heh.

[-] Project...side projects? hmmm.

[-] I hope/wish that capes would make a fashion comeback. Not like superhero capes (although that would be cool, too), but like vampire capes.

[-] still need a haircut

[-] um. the problem with random posts is that there's not any unifying "in conclusion" type of way to wrap them up.

[-] the Monday crosswords in USA Today are always the toughest of the week. Why is that?

[-] in conclusion, monkey.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


In 300,000 years, the moon will be 7.12 miles further from Earth than it is now.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Like Peter Pan or Superman

(title taken from iTunes shuffle feature, and having landed on "Save Me" by Aimee Mann - it has nothing to do with the post itself)

We put up our Xmas... I mean "Holiday" decorations today. As much as I love to play the Grinch, it's pretty cool to have the place look all festive. Earlier we had Xmas music on the computer, and overall it's been a pretty good day. It's definitely December, for all the good and ill that comes along with it. (heh. "ill". Yeah, I can feel a slight tightening of my throat, and there's a dull headache throbbing, and the irritability from yesterday is still We'll see. So far other sicknesses have flirted with me, but nothing serious has happened.)

Anyway. I was working on The Project earlier today, and was talking with Harper about it, and realized that I still have quite a bit of work ahead of me. She asked me if it could be done by Xmas, and I think that it's possible. Probable, even, but it's just... I don't know. A lot to do. But, at the same time, I'm really not complaining. Because I am enjoying doing the work.

Um. I had something else I wanted to blog about, but now I've lost my train of thought, so I guess this will have to suffice. Not sure how much good I did in the battle against Internet Dullness, but we all do what we can.