Monday, December 03, 2007

On top of the guitar flies a sticky bread.

Title is random. Truly! I got it from this site, which is the coolest thing I've seen in the past five minutes.

So, yeah. Another 'rando'm post, as that seems to be all I can come up with anymore.

I do have a big(ish) post in mind, but, obviously it's not time for that to be written yet.

[-] My mother called me today during my lunch. So now I'm (more) up-dated on the goings-on of my family.
Highlights (such as they are) include=
My sister may be losing her job. Happy Holidays!!
My brother seemed to have scammed our grandmother out of a good chunk of money, then turned around and did the same thing (for lesser amount) to my father.
The Xmas get together won't be happening this year. The time off of work for all parties involved just isn't gonna happen, so we'll all just wish each other merriment via phone and email instead.
My mom's mom broke her neck a few months ago. She's okay now - not paralyzed or anything - but the brush with death was mighty scary.

[-] Sometimes, I'd like to just punch everyone that I work with in the neck. Or face. Or both.

[-] i need to look up patent info. If I can talk safely about The Project without fear that some bozo will steal my idea (or jsut show that I came up with it first) that would be much easier.

[-] last Heroes tonight. (Sorry Amanda!)

[-] leopards.

[-] the Universe is really, really, really big.

[-] Saw a license plate today that made me grin. "UMM NO" Heh.

[-] Project...side projects? hmmm.

[-] I hope/wish that capes would make a fashion comeback. Not like superhero capes (although that would be cool, too), but like vampire capes.

[-] still need a haircut

[-] um. the problem with random posts is that there's not any unifying "in conclusion" type of way to wrap them up.

[-] the Monday crosswords in USA Today are always the toughest of the week. Why is that?

[-] in conclusion, monkey.

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Amy said...

Yikes. I'm sorry about the crazy family things. I'm glad your mother is okay.

Leopards and patents are awesome.

It's good that you're not thinking superhero capes. They're easily sucked into turbines.