Monday, August 21, 2017

still not worth it

every three or four months, it seems, Pumpkin Spice will say or do something so monumentally stupid that gives me an absolute gut-busting laugh. ("Don't look!" was the one for today, "I'll see you in court!" was the last one I recall). And while the laughter is great for the five or ten minutes that it lasts, it's definitely NOT worth all the ongoing horror and dread and despair and grief and anguish that he causes the rest of the time.

But, when they make the movie(s) ten years from now, at least it will give them some much-needed comedic breaks amidst all the drama.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Jeff rolled a one, didn't he?

Because, man, it certainly does feel like we're in the darkest timeline. Maybe there's a way to get into one of the other ones.

Speaking of Community... the hashtag/phrase ended with "...and a movie". Any word on that? Because, while the series was uneven, it did have a LOT of good stuff in it, and lord knows we could use more good stuff right about now.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Clark Kent, man of secrets

There should be a story where not only is Kal-El having to pose as Clark Kent, and keep his Superman identity a secret, but he's also a werewolf, and has to hide that, too. (Something tells me that this may have been an episode of Smallville already...)

Thursday, August 03, 2017

cpr lizards, hipster beards and keyboard wwwwwwoeeeeeeeees

First, hey, news, I think you need more stories like this one:

(a woman found a dead lizard in her pool, and used cpr chest compressions to bring it back to life. Awesome.)

Second, I've been growing my beard lately, and it's getting to the 'hipster' looking stage, I think. Or maybe 'late 1870s' look. I dunno. I'm both enthralled with it and annoyed by it, so I don't know how much longer I'll keep it going. There are more and more gray hairs in it each day, too. (Not an overwhelming majority, or even near a majority at all. They're more like... people who voted 4th party. They're there, mixed in among the population, but you have to really be looking out for them.) And, yeah, I'm comparing my beard hair color to political affiliations. Welcome to my brain.

Lastly, I'm currently using the laptop, because the main computer is both really laggy, AND the keyboard is ....less than ideal. The following keys on it are 'sticky', where they either don't type when you first push them, or they get stuck and you therefore get multiples of them in a row:
1, e, w

The workaround for the 1 key isn't too bad - you just have to use the 10-key numbers instead. (Although there's no workaround for exclamation points. So when those get used, you get REALLY excited. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Monday, July 31, 2017

June July and August

This month seriously disappeared.
Anyway. I never posted the June one second everyday video, and now I have  July's as well, so two videos for the price of one.
And for August, I'll continue to post vlogs on youtube W, T, and F; but I also want to get back in the habit of blog-blogging, so I hope to do more of that, as well. (Although with the state this computer is currently in...)

But that's future stuff. Here's past documentation:


1 - practicing for my vlog that premeried on my bday
2 - icee (they were 25 cents that day)
3 - popcorn during movie night
4 - Abed
5 - the first day the new gates at work were operational
6 - trip to the mailbox
7 - Apple Jacks
8 - Comey testifies
9 - New car
10 - Taco bell
11 - Bowser
12 - Preshow Man
13 - Birthday pizzas
14 - Birthday pepsis
15 - uscan
16 - bird near me at the bus stop
17 -(fake) giant spider on the grill of some pickup truck
18 - prepping for water balloon fights
19 - Birthday lunch with Marta
20 - it was freaking hot that day (119, which I believe tied the record)
21 - final listen to the van's radio
22 - Ori! (when out of ideas, film the dog)
23 - um. I honestly don't know. I think I was checking the levels of a fluid in the car.
24 - there's a lizard on our tree! (it's hard to see, in the second that the video goes by, but it's there. Also, you can hear our neighbors dog bark in the background)
25 - washing dishes
26 - chili dogs
27 - outside courtyard at work
28 - fidget spinner
29 - new pool!
30 - Employee of the quarter mountain dew container.

And July ...

1 - strawberry sundae from DQ
2 - dead bee (taken from out of the pool)
3 - Employee of the Quarter reserved parking spot
4 - fireworks
5 - Silas explaining what bees look like via minecraft
6 - reading issue 8 (I think) of Morning Glories. (Still no idea what the hell is happening in that series, though)
7 - BFFs
8 - Bounce Off
9 - lunch with my dad, stepmom, stepsister and her family
10 - Smith's parking lot
11 - slurpees! (They were free that day)
12 - Ori (when out of ideas, film the dog)
13 - the cow says...
14 - trying out Click List
15 - balloon fight
16 - pool
17 - rained pretty heavy that day. Flooded drainage ditches as a result
18 - one of the feral cats that hang out near my work
19 - sliding big gulp cup
20 - OJ
21 - the day the car's mileage hit 111111
22 - got a haircut
23 - downtown summerlin fountain
24 - giant grasshopper was RIGHT outside the door when I left for work that day
25 - Silas & Irina at our grassy area playing tag
26 - Chester
27 - JJ's birthday
28 - Fitz & The Tantrums (I can make your hands clap)
29 - 1, 2, 3, Switch
30 - Ori "connecting to the internet"
31 - hot dog

Friday, June 30, 2017

three times weekly, holy cow

so, I went and started a vlog on youtube a couple weeks ago. (on my birthday, actually)
It's nothing exciting or monumental, but, hey, it's there. So, if you're interested - most of the videos are pretty short, so there's not a huge time investment - check it out.

I put up new content Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Things I've discovered since doing this:

I *really* dislike my voice. And appearance.
I've got ideas for recurring ideas/themes; putting them into practice is way different than just having the ideas, though.
I do this 'blink' thing quite a bit. I've become aware of it, and I can often feel myself doing it when I talk to people in real life, and I hate it. It's irritating. I've also become hyperaware of how I sound when I'm talking to people; not a fan of that, either.
The videos with my kids are the best ones, I think.

Thursday, June 01, 2017

May 1 sec every day video

How'd it get to be June already?? Sheesh.

Anyway, another month down means that it's time for another 1 second everyday video...

And what these days were:

1) JJ's salad.
2) Marcus being amazed by a magic trick (I don't know how it was done either)
3) Peter Pan dry run (I may have the terminology wrong. It was basically the play being put on with no audience.)
4) Vader's "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!" (although I don't think I caught the sound. Imagine my dismay.)
5) Hollywood Blvd.
6) Legoland (that's Steph & Irina on a ride where you pull yourself up high, then drop)
7) Bunny at Balboa Park
8) walking to the corner market
9) Freakazoid!
10) walking around the UNLV campus
11) Irina in her GS outfit
12) Abed
13) Saren's Starbucks gold card
14) nerf gun battle
15) driving Saren's car
16) I got rearended by this woman - no damage to our van, but her car got the fender cracked
17) Silas turns 8
18) the whole enchilada. (It was super good, too)
19) my blood pressure results
20) dropping a bouncy ball down the stairs
21) turtle peep eating
22) homemade pizza (it was super good, too)
23) giant hand art sculpture thing
24) 22 year workiversary cake
25) Red Nose day
26) Ori
27) dead spider at the bottom of our steps
28) Walmart was all out of the water balloons i wanted to get
29) grilling burgers (they were super good, too)
30) Steph driving as Toadette on Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
31) Silas made a homemade bridge and was driving his cars off of it.

And there we go.

Sunday, April 30, 2017

April 1 second everyday

I was going to blog yesterday, but it would have been all about Trump, and who wants to read about that clown?
Anyway, April's done, and so it's time for the 30 second compilation of one second videos from the past month. (Except that I missed a day this month, so there's an extra second of your lives you get to keep. You're welcome.)

Here's the video:

and here's the breakdown:

1. A... flower?
2. Ori eating (when in doubt of what to film, film Ori!)
3. Heavy rains that day, I filmed water pouring in the parking lot at work.
5. Master Control
6. Ori doing tricks
7. Irina riding her bike
8. Angel
9. Grabbing books from the library
10. Turtle peep!
11. Filling up the sink to wash dishes
12. Giant rabbit display at Smith's (for Easter)
13. A watched pot of water (boiling)
14. Dyeing Easter eggs
15. Annual Valley of Fire Easter thing
16. Easter baskets
17. Irina dancing in the driveway
18. Ori in her crate
19. Baby Groot
20. It was a beautiful day outside, I went out and hung out in the courtyard at work for a bit.
21. William Shatner on Match Game 74. (He's giving the answer of Tiger; I forget what the question was)
22. The Phenomenauts performing at the Science March (the Vegas edition was more of a rally, not a march, but, whatev.)
23. Black widow
24. Skeeball at Incredible John's Pizza
25. Giant flashlight at UNLV (well, Giant flashlight sculpture)
26. WHOLE lot of work to be done that day
27. My office is filled with nerdy things. Like Ren parachuting from the ceiling.
28. Opening night of Peter Pan. The actors on stage were out there before the show telling us we couldn't record the show. (To be fair, I didn't record the show, I recorded them saying we couldn't.)
29. It's STILL true, 100 days later. (Also, what is taking so long??)
30. Playing with homemade slime.

Friday, March 31, 2017

March 1 second (mostly) everyday

And another month down where I didn't blog anything OTHER than this. Well, there's always next month....

Here's March. (with the exception of March 5th, which slipped past me without taking a video, sadly.)

And what these are:

1st - Playing in the ocean
2nd - Walking Ori
3rd - Nintendo Switch arrived!
4th - pizza in the fridge
5th - n/a
6th - first day back at work after vacation
7th - cookies
8th - walking past the cemetary on the way in to work
9th - me getting punched in front of the "selfie wall". (My work set up a selfie wall [two words that do not belong near each other], and I announced that if I saw anyone taking a selfie in front of it, that I would punch them. I then figured that me getting punched while taking a selfie would be a great 1second video.)
10th - Sarne fighting Windblight Ganon
11th - Harper watering our half dead tree in the backyard
12th - jigsaw puzzle of a dog wearing sunglasses
13th - Silas & Chelsea playing 1-2-Switch at work
14th - Pi Day Pie
15th - we bought lightbulbs at Target. (We got the wrong size, like we always do, and I had to exchange them later)
16th - the van's mileage hit 140,000 miles that day
17th - St. Patrick's Day... green bananas.
18th - Ori closeup
19th - Turtle peep, turtle peep, looking for food, what are ya gonna do tomorrow??
20th - my leprechaun greeting
21st - Marcus singing "Hello"
22nd - transferring work files at home
23rd - like 7 new grey beard hairs appeared overnight!!
24th - chicken stir fry
25th - very sad. My Jelli mug got cracked, and had to be thrown away. :(
26th - Ori cloesup (again!)
27th - driving past the prison
28th - Joel playing Crossword Quiz
29th - "Come on in, guys!" (actually, i think this was "once again, immunity is back up for grabs." the audio didn't really come through)
30th - We had a major windstorm blow through this day. Gusts of wind up to 60 (and in some parts of town, reportedly 84!!) mph. It sounded like a freaking hurricane in our backyard.
31st - Saren eating some ice cream while we wait for our Costco pizza to be ready.

Friday, March 03, 2017

February 1se

Took a little longer than expected, but the February 1 second every day video is up.

Here's how it breaks down:
1 - Irina's birthday!
2- Groundhog Day
3 - Angel closeup
4- Showing off my haircut
5- Harper driving around the neighborhood. The stop sign we passed has graffiti on it that makes it read: Don't STOP Believin'
6 - Magazine rack at Target. I don't know who set it up that way (with the Trump cover right between two Hitlers) but it amused me.
7 - Walking with Silas & Irina down to the corner market
8 - The moon
9 - Sitting at an intersection while driving
10- Irina reading
11 - Me signing "Man in the Mirror" while looking in the mirror
12 - Pre-play audience.
13 - It was like 11:40 at night, and I hadn't made a video of the day, so I just recorded my super tired self getting ready to go to bed
14 - A plant that Saren brought home.
15 - Riding the bus
16 - "What's in the baaaawwwkkkssss?!!?" (from the movie Se7en)
17 - Silas jumping down the stairs
18 - Driving in the rain
19 - Gilmore Girls
20 - A bunch of trash. On presidents day. Because, you know.
21 - Ori sneezing
22 - stray dog was found near our work, he was hanging out in the office with us while we found him a home
23 - Going up the stairs
24 - Grabbing a pepsi out of the fridge
25 - Showing off Harper's haircut
26 - Bearded dragon lizard at Petsmart
27 - Hotel room
28 - The Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

January 1 sec everyday

I'm sure eventually I'll blog something other than these, but in the meantime, here's the  1 second everyday video for January of 2017...

and how it all breaks down...

1. Smashing gingerbread houses in the driveway
2. Ori barking
3. Perusing the graphic novel section of the library
4. Driving down the freeway (Steph was driving, I was in the passenger seat)
5. Abed
6. Super early bus stop morning selfie
7. Silas playing Wii Sports Resort
8. Pickup truck at a stop had a cage full of goats in the back
9. Silas and Irina playing boxing on Wii Sports
10. Rainbow company crowd
11. Purchasing (among other things) Crystal Pepsi
12. Sweet Tomatoes
13. Hatchimal
14. Silas & Irina getting ready to go up to Utah for the weekend
15. Taking Ori on a walk
16. Filling up a cup of Dr Pepper at In-n-Out
17. Marcus & Joel (coworkers) doing synchronized counter pushups
18. Robertos tacos (99cents every Wednesday, yo)
19. Visiting with a former coworker, Tony edition.
20. ugh. sorry. (Still wish we had had the guts to put that over the air.)
21. lifting weights
22. rainy day backyard
23. picking out my outfit for the next day
24. video of Spanish class assignment
25. Visiting with a former coworker, Ian edition.
26. Silas playing a boardgame he created
27. Janice's last day at work
28. dominos
29. typing up English assignment
30. Rubios salsa
31. It really does. (I do say this every year at this time... and every year it's true.)