Friday, March 31, 2017

March 1 second (mostly) everyday

And another month down where I didn't blog anything OTHER than this. Well, there's always next month....

Here's March. (with the exception of March 5th, which slipped past me without taking a video, sadly.)

And what these are:

1st - Playing in the ocean
2nd - Walking Ori
3rd - Nintendo Switch arrived!
4th - pizza in the fridge
5th - n/a
6th - first day back at work after vacation
7th - cookies
8th - walking past the cemetary on the way in to work
9th - me getting punched in front of the "selfie wall". (My work set up a selfie wall [two words that do not belong near each other], and I announced that if I saw anyone taking a selfie in front of it, that I would punch them. I then figured that me getting punched while taking a selfie would be a great 1second video.)
10th - Sarne fighting Windblight Ganon
11th - Harper watering our half dead tree in the backyard
12th - jigsaw puzzle of a dog wearing sunglasses
13th - Silas & Chelsea playing 1-2-Switch at work
14th - Pi Day Pie
15th - we bought lightbulbs at Target. (We got the wrong size, like we always do, and I had to exchange them later)
16th - the van's mileage hit 140,000 miles that day
17th - St. Patrick's Day... green bananas.
18th - Ori closeup
19th - Turtle peep, turtle peep, looking for food, what are ya gonna do tomorrow??
20th - my leprechaun greeting
21st - Marcus singing "Hello"
22nd - transferring work files at home
23rd - like 7 new grey beard hairs appeared overnight!!
24th - chicken stir fry
25th - very sad. My Jelli mug got cracked, and had to be thrown away. :(
26th - Ori cloesup (again!)
27th - driving past the prison
28th - Joel playing Crossword Quiz
29th - "Come on in, guys!" (actually, i think this was "once again, immunity is back up for grabs." the audio didn't really come through)
30th - We had a major windstorm blow through this day. Gusts of wind up to 60 (and in some parts of town, reportedly 84!!) mph. It sounded like a freaking hurricane in our backyard.
31st - Saren eating some ice cream while we wait for our Costco pizza to be ready.

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