Friday, March 03, 2017

February 1se

Took a little longer than expected, but the February 1 second every day video is up.

Here's how it breaks down:
1 - Irina's birthday!
2- Groundhog Day
3 - Angel closeup
4- Showing off my haircut
5- Harper driving around the neighborhood. The stop sign we passed has graffiti on it that makes it read: Don't STOP Believin'
6 - Magazine rack at Target. I don't know who set it up that way (with the Trump cover right between two Hitlers) but it amused me.
7 - Walking with Silas & Irina down to the corner market
8 - The moon
9 - Sitting at an intersection while driving
10- Irina reading
11 - Me signing "Man in the Mirror" while looking in the mirror
12 - Pre-play audience.
13 - It was like 11:40 at night, and I hadn't made a video of the day, so I just recorded my super tired self getting ready to go to bed
14 - A plant that Saren brought home.
15 - Riding the bus
16 - "What's in the baaaawwwkkkssss?!!?" (from the movie Se7en)
17 - Silas jumping down the stairs
18 - Driving in the rain
19 - Gilmore Girls
20 - A bunch of trash. On presidents day. Because, you know.
21 - Ori sneezing
22 - stray dog was found near our work, he was hanging out in the office with us while we found him a home
23 - Going up the stairs
24 - Grabbing a pepsi out of the fridge
25 - Showing off Harper's haircut
26 - Bearded dragon lizard at Petsmart
27 - Hotel room
28 - The Disneyland Main Street Electrical Parade!

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