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May 2010 word count

I can't believe tomorrow is June. And also back to work. Even 3 day weekends are too short.

Wordle: May 2010 blog

Harper with Lickorish

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Magic girl

Friday, May 28, 2010

People in this family who got haircuts today:



That is all.

That's easy. Pez. Cherry flavored Pez.

Imagine you're going to be cursed.

The curse is, that for the rest of your life, you will only hear the music of *one* band (or singer). If you could choose who the artist was, who would you choose and why?

And what band or singer would be absolute hell for you?

Yes, I realize that these questions may be too difficult to actually answer. I have thought about it for a while, and I still don't have a response myself.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The End

"It only ends once."
Well, actually, we got two
endings, didn't we?

This is what took place
in Sideways World: Each of the
characters "wakes up".

This "waking up: means
remembering their Island
life (and sometimes death).

As each character
has their epiphany, lots
of great music plays.

Most of these wake ups
happen thanks to loved ones from
their days on the Isle.

I guess in The End
the love you make is equal
to the love you wake.

I wanted to hear
"You All Everybody" at
the Drive Shaft concert.

I like to pretend
it was played during the Church
scene at the end, though.

But I'm not quite there.
Let's go to the Island and
see what happened there.

Desmond was rescued
by Rose, Bernard and Vincent.
(Yay, Vincent!! Good dog!!)

Only to be caught
by Smocke moments later. Then
Jack & co. show up.

Jack's all, "Let me take
you to the Light. The thing
I'm meant to protect."

Once there, Jack & Smocke
lower Des into the Light.
Des removes a cork.

Really. There's a stone
cork plugging up a hole. Des
pulls it out. Earthquake!!

The Island begins
to sink. Jack and Smocke battle.
Smocke is mortal now.

Smocke starts to cut Jack's
neck (I knew it!), but then Kate
shoots Smocke in the chest.

Jack kicks Smocke off a
cliff, and he falls to his death.
Well, that was simple.

But, even with Smocke
dead, the Isle is still sinking.
Must put back the cork.

Jack says he'll do it.
Hurley says it's suicide.
Kate and Sawyer leave.

They're on their way to
Hydra, where Frank and Richard
are alive and well.

Miles is with them, too,
and they're repairing the plane
with duct tape. Hee hee!

Jack needs to put the
cork back in. Since that will kill
him, he transfers the...

...title of "Island
Protector" to Hurley. First
smart thing Jack's done.

Jack gets lowered down
by Hurley and Ben. He puts
the giant cork back.

He has Hurley pull
Desmond back up. And that's it
for Des, Island-wise.

We don't see him get
reunited with Penny,
or his son, Charlie.

But, he does see them
in another life, brotha.
So...hooray for death?

And, it's implied that
Hurley, as the new Jacob,
helps Desmond get home.

Hurley asks Ben to
be the new Richard Alpert.
Aww. Hurley's so sweet.

Kate and Sawyer find
Claire, say, "Come with us." Claire says,
"No." Then says, "OK."

Kate, Claire, Frank, Richard,
Sawyer, and Miles are the new
Oceanic Six.

I guess technically
they're the Ajira Six. Point
is, they're who escape.

(Until 3 years pass
and Richard yells, "We have to
go back, Kate!!!" Ha ha)

Time to revisit
Sideways World one last time. We're
nearing the Ending(s).

The concert is done
and (You All) Everybody
is now at the Church.

Except Jack. He meets
up with Kate, who mentions how
long she has missed him.

Then she says she'll see
him at the Church for the Lost
cast wrap-up party.

Ben is outside the
Church. Hurley invites him in,
but Ben says, "No thanks."

Hurley tells Ben he
was a great number 2, and
Ben tells Hurley he...

...was a great number
one. I think they're talking 'bout
the "fan favorite" poll.

Jack enters the Church,
goes to his dad's coffin. He
opens it. ...empty!!

Christian's body is
always getting LOST, isn't
it? Oh, wait. He's here.

Standing behind his
son, Christian explains Sideways
World to Jack (and us).

All the people in
this world are dead. Some, like Boone,
from before Jack died.

Others, like Hurley,
died "much, much later". But, they're
all dead. ('cept David)

[I haven't figured
out David. Why would Jack and
Juliet make him?]

This world was a place
created by the Losties
for them to meet up...

...before they "move on".
Then (You All) Everybody
hugs and smiles and cries.

Christian opens the
Church doors, and there's a Light. (Same
Light from the Island?)

That's it for Sideways.
All Losties go to Heaven.
(Except those who don't)

But it's not The End.
Lost truly ends with Jack, now
almost at life's end.

He stumbles to the
spot he first woke up on the
Island, and lies down.

Vincent trods over
and kisses Jack's face, lies down
next to him (Good dog!!)

Jack watches as the
Ajira plane flies over.
At peace, Jack smiles, dies.

Lost concludes with a
close up of an eye shutting.
Hey! It's Matthew Fox!

So, there we have it. No more Lost. No more Lost haiku.
I was pretty disappointed with the finale, and I was going to rant at length about it here, but almost don't want to. I'm irritated that I've given it so much thought, even 5 days later. I want to "let go" of Lost myself. Maybe I do need to rant, just to be able to do so.
Lost was never a perfect program, during my rewatch of the first 4 seasons between season 5 & 6, I noticed a LOT of problems with it. But it was entertaining - wildly so in many instances, and for a very long time, I considered it my all time favorite show EVER. (Yes, even beating out Buffy and Angel. Because *those* programs have some pretty bad flaws too)
But the finale... and this final season...*sigh*
I wasn't expecting answers for everything. And it's not like I want the answers to be spoon-fed to me, but to have SO MANY THINGS just completely dropped altogether is a complete slap in the face.
Another haiku:

Dear Cuse and Lindelof,
Please look into this thing called
Chekov's gun. Thanks, P@.

Seriously. So many things were just red herrings. Volcanos, Walt's specialness, the Egyptian hieroglyphs, the Dharma food drops, the interconnections of the Losties before they boarded the plane... I'm sure many of you have already seen this, but here's a pretty funny list of "unanswered questions" from Lost.

The David abandonment was bothersome. Jack (and Juliet) create a fictional child to help themselves get over their own issues, and then, once they realize they're dead, and the kid doesn't exist, just go, "Oh, okay. On to heaven it is, then!"
And, of course, Sawyer doesn't get to bring his daughter to heaven.
And Aaron is there...but as a baby.
And Ji Yeon isn't there at all.
I think the writers might have issues.

Some of the other things I've seen around about how the finale could've been improved have been interesting. I liked the idea of having "Christian" actually be the Smoke Monster, and Sideways World was a trap he made to lead all the Losties into the Light. The final shot would have been of 20-some-odd Smoke Monsters destroying the world.

Another thing that's irritating about the finale is that despite the creators talking about how Lost was "about the characters, not the mysteries" They didn't wrap up any of the character's arcs except Jack. We don't know what happened with Richard, Kate, Sawyer, etc. Or Hurley and Ben (although apparently there's going to be "missing footage" on the DVD set of exactly that).
Or the Island itself. The Island was a charcter too, ya know. And, in fact, I'd say it was the one that people wanted to know the most about.
By leaving all these things unanswered, they have absolutely a) pissed off a LOT of people
and b) ensured that fanfic and sequels and comics and books and movies and spinoffs are absolutely going to happen. I hope they're happy, but I highly doubt I'll invest in any of them. I want to put the Lost universe behind me. (Wish me luck. I somehow doubt the Island is done with me.)

The best part about
Lost ending is I can stop
watching ABC.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ha! I kill me!

Alf should be remade/rebooted/reimagined whatever it is they're calling it where they go back and mine a story for nostalgic reasons.

But they should totally go darker.

Other shows that should also get this treatment:

Bosom Buddies (that one doesn't have to be dark, and would probably work best as a comedy movie, ala The Brady Bunch)

Mr. Belvedere (again, big screen adaptation)

The Greatest American Hero (although I suspect that one is already on the air, and is currently going under the name of Chuck)

V. Oh. Wait. No, that one wouldn't work.

I'd like to see a Quantum Leap show that focused more on the time-travel wonkiness and how things were fixed. Like Timecop, but...not sucky like Timecop.

Or, Hollywood could come up with something original for a change. I mean, otherwise what are people going to remake 20 years from now?

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evil snake is watching you

Monday, May 24, 2010

Time, let me waste it

So, two things here.

1) Lost ended, and was ...polarizing, might be the most apt description. I was pretty disappointed, as was Stephanie, and a whole lot of other people on the internet were as well. But, it seems, just as many people seemed to either love it or at least, find it acceptable. And there were moments that I truly enjoyed.
But after it ended, I actually felt trepidation about writing up my haiku review. I still will, and hopefully in the few days that it takes before I get it written/posted, my thoughts will have coalesced a bit more and I can express in it what I both liked and what I did not. All in 17 syllabic chunks.

2) Over the weekend (on Saturday, actually), the station was broken into by some vandals. They stole all the computers downstairs, and dumped a whole bunch of filing cabinets with a BUNCH of papers all over the place.
(Un)fortunately, my computer is upstairs, which was completely left untouched, and so I am still able to work. It was the sales department (and receptionist) that was mostly affected by this. Of course, the repercussions will be long lasting, and I have a feeling things are going to feel...weird at work for a while.

2a) Today was my 15 year anniversary with the station.
... Fifteen years is a god damn long time.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

1 light, 1 dark

I'm such a dork

2 Lockes

Silas and I wearing our Locke-shirts

LOST Day!!

To celebrate, the following things have happened:

Silas & I both wore Locke shirts (his is orange, which isn't canon, but he looks cute in it anyway, so a lot is forgiven).

I reread several of my haiku reviews. (God, some of the stuff I've written is hilariously awesome. For example, the fact that Boone [the world's worst lifeguard] performed CPR on his sister...with his tongue. Heh.)

John Locke showed up in the Wii Play game where you have to "find 3 look alikes"! Even the Wii wants to celebrate!

It rained, and hailed, too! Wacky weather that changes on a dime is sooo like the Island's weather!

Saren, Irina, and I started to play Lost: The Game. ...only to stop at a pretty early juncture. (Consider it in honor of the millions of people who started watching Lost, then quit at some point) Now we'll never know if Claire died at her tent or not.

I had Steph take a photo of me with one dark eye and one light eye, just like in Claire's dream. (I might upload it in a little while. We'll see. For now, it's time to start the Lost-a-palooza!! The 2 hour recap, and then 2.5 hour finale. The final haiku will be posted ...sometime this week, after my mind has been reassembled, I guess.

True Fact!

No turtle will ever use a chair.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Rats and Lost and whatnot

It's late, and I very nearly forgot to blog today. So, briefly:

Saren bought a second rat today (it's name is Milky Way), the end of Lost is tomorrow, and Basically that's it.
Note to self: Plan ahead better for blog entries.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - What They Died For

Penultimate Lost!!
How on earth will we survive
once this is over?

In Sideways world, Jack
wakes up with a bleeding neck.
Sign of things to come?

Jack has breakfast with
his son, David, who reminds
him 'bout the concert.

David's mom will be
there. It's obvious that she
is Juliet, but...

...since that's so easy
to see and not a twist, I
hope it's someone else.

Desmond prank calls Jack,
says they found his dad's body.
That's just cruel, brotha.

Next, Des drives to Locke's
school, where he plans to run down
Locke once again. Ha!

Ben stops Desmond, who
claims he ran Locke over to
help him let go. Hmmm.

He then proceeds to
beat the crap out of Ben, which
makes Ben remember.

When Ben tells Locke what
Des said about letting go,
Locke's all, "Jack said that!!"

Ben has dinner with
Alex and her mom, Danielle,
and it goes quite well.

Locke returns to Jack:
"I believe in destiny.
Or maybe it's Fate."

Jack says my line: "Don't
underestimate the strength
of coincidence."

Acutally, he says
Eko's line: "Don't mistake fate
for coincidence."

Scratch that. Reverse it.
"Don't mistake coincidence
for fate." There we go.

Either way, Locke says
he's ready to get out of
his wheelchair. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Desmond has
turned himself in to the cops.
Hi, Kate! Hi, Sayid!

With help from Hurley
and Ana-Lucia, Des
gets them out of jail.

Sayid and Hurley
leave together, while Des tells
Kate "it's concert time."

Ben, Miles and Richard
finally get to Ben's old house.
(What took them so long?)

Widmore and Zoe
are already there. Widmore
says Jacob sent him.

Well, that explains how
Widmore got back after he
was banished (if true).

Here comes Smocke! Miles says,
"I've seen what this guy can do."
Decides to run, hide.

Richard says, "I'll talk
to him." Which ...doesn't end well
for our poor Spaniard.

Ben hides Widmore in
his closet, instantly tells
Smocke where he's at. Ha!!

Smocke cuts Zoe's throat.
So, add that one to the list.
Widmore starts to talk...

...but then Ben shoots him.
So long, Widmore. (Be sure to
tell Miles your secrets.)

Let's check in on the
Final Four (Kate, Hurley, Jack
and Sawyer), shall we?

Jack has to sew up
Kate's wound. It's like the reverse
of the pilot ep

While getting sewn up,
Kate mourns for Ji Yeon, since her
parents forgot her.

She tells Jack, "We have
to kill Locke." (She means Smocke. Locke's
dead, remember Kate?)

Anyway. They head
off to find Des in the well
since Sayid said to.

Hurley gets stopped by
young Jacob. Or maybe it's
young Jacob's ghost. Um.

This kinda bugged me.
We've seen Jacob as a ghost.
His ghost is grown up.

So where'd young Jacob
come from? How can he be both
a kid and adult?

Plus, it's not like he
died when he was a child. So,
really, what the hell?

Well, whatever. Young
Jacob grabs his ashes from
Hurley, runs away.

Hurley finds Jacob
(in adult form) waiting for
him. "Let's have a talk."

The Final Four are
gathered around a campfire.
Jacob clues them in.

"Listen. One of ya'll
have to take over my job.
'Cuz I'm, you know, dead."

To no one's surprise,
Jack volunteers. He follows
Jacob to the Light.

(Which, it turns out, is
right next to where Jack woke up
back in the pilot.)

Jack drinks some magic
water, now they're the same. So...
call him Jackob now?

Smocke, meanwhile, has found
that Des is not in the well.
He tells Ben that he... gonna destroy
the Island. Yeah. Right. There's just
one episode left.

The End is nearly
upon us. Last chance to share
your theories, questions.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Yay, May.

That's the time of the year when the networks (and the CW [ha!!]) have their upfront presentations.

The little Netlet that could had it's today, and it's tradition for me to talk about it, so here we go.

The musical guest for this year's presentation was Katie Perry, the woman that sings that horrid "I Kissed a Girl" diddy. She performed two songs, neither of which I had ever heard, and probably would not recognize if I heard them again now. The 2nd one, we were told, is going to be the theme for the CW Summer advertising campaign, so, um, I'm sure I will hear it again.

WHile my respect for Katie Perry is more or less nonexistent, I did get a chuckle out of her attempt to get a rise from the crowd. During the first performance, she said, "Is it too early for you to stand up have some fucking fun?" Hee. I do love it when the f bombs get thrown around. (Sadly, there were no crowd reactions from her rhetorical question, but I'm sure that there was some bigwig somewhere who was rather unhappy about it.)

Anyway. After she finished doing her songs, she introduced the executive vice president of network advertising sales, Rob Tuck. He's the type of individual who simply can not display human emotion without sounding like he's being paid to do it. You know what I mean. He tried to make jokes (dude. Don't quit your day job) and light banter about Katie Perry, but it just wasn't working. So, he handed the presentation off to Dawn Ostroff, the president of entertainment for the CW, who was welcomed with a stunning lack of applause.

Dawn talked about how the CW is fantasticly in touch with the youth of today, what with being online and twitter friendly and app this and facebook that, and several times the phrase "Generation D" was used.


The "D" stands, of course, for "Digital", and ...I just can't muster up enough emotion to be angry about this. It's irritating and stupid and gross and just ...gaaaah. No wonder young people hate us.

If I were feeling more witty, I'd make some jokes about degeneration (get it? D-generation?) or how it's Generation Duh, but they were made during the upfront (by us watching it) so they just feel tired and pointless now.


Only 2 new programs premiering this fall: Hellcats, a drama about cheerleading at a college that loves football. Basically Bring It On: The Series. I'll pass. It does have Sharpay from the High School Musical movies in it. So, good for her for finding work, I guess. Also, the executive producer is Tom Welling (Clark Kent from Smallville). Which is just...kinda weird, actually.

The other new show is Nikita, a remaking of the La Femme Nikita series from back in the 90s. Basically, Nikita is an ex-CIA assassin who goes rogue after developing a conscious regarding who she's killing. And so she's being hunted, while also wanting to take down the people who trained her. It could be semi-entertaining in a mindless popcorn type of way. Of course, it's on Thursday nights, so expect it to be slaughtered in the numbers.

There are 2 new reality shows for later in the year, both sound horrid. Plain Jane - a makeover reality show for the summer, where a "life coach" takes young women who have crushes, gives them makeovers, then lets them go on dates with their would be suitors. Blah. Looks like a rejected show from TLC or something.

And "Shedding for the Wedding", basically Biggest Loser for folks planning on getting married soon. Bor-ing!!

So that was basically it. The new lineup, for what it's worth:

8p- 90210
9p - Gossip Girl
8p - One Tree Hill (still??? Seriously. This was supposed to be the last season!!)
9p - Life Unexpected
8p - America's Next Top Model
9p - Hellcats
8p - Vampire Diaries
9p - Nikita
8p - Smallville
9p - Supernatural

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


i wantz it.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A compilation of every death on Lost, through Across the Sea. Man, that show has a body count, doesn't it? I wonder how much higher it'll get in the remaining 3.5 hours.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sleepin' dude

Saturday, May 15, 2010

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzxzzzzzzzzaxza ZSAzaQ

Title is from Silas smashing his fingers on the keyboard.

...and that's gonnna have to do it for this entry, since he's REALLY unhappy right now, and I'm not sure if I'm going to get anotehr chance to blog today.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - Across the Sea

Since Lost is wrapping
up, and there are lots of loose
threads, let's flash way back.

Pregnant woman winds
up stranded on the Island.
Whoa. Déjà vu, dude.

An unnamed woman
finds and takes in the pregnant
woman, Claudia.

Hmm. I think unnamed
woman needs a name. I think
Crazy Pants works well.

Some other names we
might consider: Smoke Momster,
or how about Eve?

Well, whatever we
call her, she ends up summing
up Lost perfectly:

"Every question I
answer will simply lead to
another question."

Claudia gives birth
to a boy named Jacob. As
well as his brother.

And then Crazy Pants
smashes Claudia's head in
with a rock. Brutal!

Since Jacob's brother
is never directly named,
we had to come up...

...with possible names:
Milo, José, Boy in Black.
Or how about Adam?

Years pass. Crazy Pants
raises Jacob and Milo,
fills their heads with lies.

Lies such as: there is
nothing except the Island,
men are dangerous.

...Okay, that's more a
generalization than an
outright lie, but still.

Crazy Pants shows the
boys a magic cave of light.
She says, "Protect it."

Claudia's ghost tells
Milo the truth about all
of Crazy Pants lies.

Well, screw that, he says,
and leaves to join Claudia's
clan. Jacob stays back.

30 years later,
Milo is still trying to
get off the Island.

He discovered the
electromagnetic spots,
built the donkey wheel.

Crazy Pants is not
happy to learn about this.
Says, "No way, José."

She knocks him out, then
fills in the well, and slaughters
...well, ...everybody.

(This has led to the
specualtion that she might
be a smoke monster)

Then she takes Jacob
back to the magic light cave,
has him drink some wine.

This makes them "the same",
meaning he knows everything
and we still don't, right?

Milo comes to, finds
his people slaughtered, then goes
and stabs Crazy Pants.

Jacob gets pissed off,
throws Milo into the light.
Smokey emerges.

Jacob takes Milo's
corpse, along with Smoke Momster's,
puts them in the caves.

Where Jack, Kate and Locke
(remember them?) will find them
centuries later.

Lots of questions were
raised by this ep (see comments)
but remember...

Every question I
answer will simply lead to
another question.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Russell, self-proclaimed best Survivor ever

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

And let's not get started on that Nantucket fellow

At first I wanted to pout,
"What on earth should I blog about?"
Then I learned that 12 May
is Limerick Day.
And that removed all my doubt.

If I were feeling a bit more creative,
another limerick I would give.
I wrote out this one,
but it wasn't much fun,
perhaps I should be less dismissive?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Here we gooo

Silas loves to play Super Mario

Monday, May 10, 2010

Basketball diaries

Yesterday I went out to get pizza for dinner, and realized halfway there that I had forgotten both my wallet and my debit card.

Seeing as how we live about a thousand miles away from everything, having to turn around and go back home was slightly irritating.

And Steph will attest that when I get irritated, other drivers and distractions on the road are that much more vexing to me.

So, when I got near home, and was blocked by a group of children playing basketball in the road*, I was not exactly focusing on much other than my mounting rage.

*Seriously. These kids have an outdoor basketball hoop that they have set up right on the corner of our main road. One of these days someone is going to come around that corner a little too fast and there is going to be a pretty ugly situation as a result.

Anyway. I began driving past the kids, when I heard something "pop" in the direction of the right rear tire, as though I had run over a bottle or a child. I semi-slowed down, and glancing back in the mirror, could see the children sorta staring at me. I thought that they were probably worried that I was going to stop the car and get out and yell at them. Instead, I continued down the street until I got to our driveway. I got out of the van and looked the van over - no visible damage. Good.

I began walking into the house, when one of the kids yelled something to me. I stopped and faced him and he must have known that I hadn't heard him originally because he reyelled it: "You just flattened our basketball!"

It took my brain a second to comprehend, and perhaps he saw that moment of confusion on my face because he added, "With your tire! You ran over our ball!"

I (finally) put two and two together and said simply, "Sorry!" (although, really, I wasn't. And I'm certain that my voice conveyed that.) I then turned and went into the house to get my wallet.

As I recapped the events for Steph, between curses, she (or maybe one of the girls) said, "There's a basketball in the neighbor's garbage."

I was all, "What in the who now?"

And so I learned that our neighbor across the street, who had put out her garbage to the curb early, had thrown away a perfectly good basketball.

Well, I don't always understand the messages that the universe gives me, but that one was so clear that even I couldn't misread it.

Me, Saren, and Irina all walked out, grabbed the basketball from the trash (really, there was nothing wrong with it, why was it being thrown out?), and walked down the street to where the children were still congregated (they had obtained another ball, and were playing with that one). I gave them the ball to replace the one that I had run over, and, feeling that the karmic scales were balanced, we began to walk home.

...And then we found another basketball, lodged underneath one of the cars parked on the side of the street.

Irina was very excited about that, so she picked it up and asked if we could keep it. I was assuming that it had also been thrown away, and had rolled out of the garbage collection (that particular neighbor's trash was just up the street, so it is plausible that it came from there.) So, I said, "Sure."

And with that, we got ourselves a free basketball.

As we returned to the house, we all pondered over the events, and what, exactly, it meant. We had done a good deed, after having wronged some people, and were instantly rewarded, but then, the ball we took could very well have been the one that I had hit with the car to begin with. And not only that, but the kids REALLY shouldn't have been out in the road where their toys (and bodies) could easily be damaged by passing vehicles. And none of the events would have gone down if I had just remembered my wallet when I first left.

And that's when I realized that there was no moral to this story, it was just a bunch of things that happened.

Sunday, May 09, 2010


Saturday, May 08, 2010

Castle building

Friday, May 07, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - The Candidate

John Locke proclaims that
he won't walk 500 miles,
much to Jack's chagrin.

Jack: "I can fix you."
Locke: "But then we'd get married.
So, thanks, but no thanks."

Mr. Fix-It's all,
"Don't tell me what I can't do!"
and invades Locke's life.

Jack asks Locke's dentist
(who happens to be Bernard)
for info on Locke.

Does doctor-patient
mean anything, guys?

Well, whatever. Jack
visits Locke's dad, Anthony.
And he's brain dead. Ha!!

Karma's a bitch, ain't
it, Mr. Cooper? (I'll take
'drooling' as a yes.)

Turns out Locke and his
pop were in a plane crash three
years prior, which caused...

...Locke's paralysis,
his dad's vegetative state.
So Locke feels guilty.

Claire shows up. She and
Jack ponder the music box
Christian willed to her.

Jack: "Stay with me, Claire."
Since they're practically strangers,
Claire would have said yes.

But then Jack reminds
her that they're related, so
Claire might say no. Heh.

Widmore has Hurley,
James, Jin and Sun, Kate and Frank
locked in a bear cage.

Then Widmore's lackeys
die due to second hand smoke.
Jack unlocks the cage.

They make their way to
the Ajira plane. The plan
is to fly away.

Smocke got to the plane
first. He killed two more Widmore
guards, then went on board.

Inside, the plane was
rigged with C-4 explosives.
This show loves C-4.

Smocke shows the bomb to
the group, says, "we'll need to take
Widmore's sub instead."

Sawyer informs Jack
he doesn't trust Smocke, so don't
let him on the sub.

Once there, there is yet
another shoot out, and Kate
winds up getting shot.

Smocke: "I've secretly
replaced Jack's regular pack
with one with C-4!"

The sub dives away,
leaving Claire behind. AGAIN!
Girl can't catch a break!

But Smocke tells her, "You
don't want to be on that sub.
It's much too sad there."

And he's right. But I'm
getting ahead of myself.
First, they find the bomb.

Jack says, "I've played this
game before! Don't worry, we
can't blow up
. We're safe!"

Sawyer ain't buying
it, though. He pulls some wires and..
the timer speeds up!

Sayid: "Jack, save Des."
Then, he takes the bomb, goes boom.
There is no Sayid.

The sub starts to flood.
Sawyer gets knocked out. Frank gets
killed. (maybe he lived?)

Sun gets trapped by some
debris. Jin says he won't leave.
The room is flooding.

Hurley rescues Kate.
Jack escapes with Sawyer. Sun
and Jin stay behind.

Rest In Peace Sayid,
Jin, Sun, maybe Frank, and lots
of Widmore's lackeys.

Sadly, I expect
more blood to be spilled in the
last few episodes.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Doctors, monkeys, and werewolves.

I could probably do a full month's worth of these, but for now, just three short ones. (because that's all I can remember/think of right now)

When it comes to songs, I'm full of ...idiosyncrasies (or maybe audiosyncrasies. Heh.).
What I mean by that is that I will continue to sing things as I originally heard them, even if the lyrics are incorrect. Or, as is the case with the last two examples I'll give in a moment, I know the correct words, but have changed them to be more jokey/weird, and even though I don't *hear* them that way, I always change it.

Hopefully when I get to the examples, it'll make more sense.

The first is (most likely) a mondegreen, and I really have no idea what's truly being said. I could google up the lyrics, of course, but I almost prefer not to really know.
It's from Queen's "Another One Bites the Dust", and the lyric is at the 2:04 mark. I swear that Freddie Mercury is saying either, "I'm a doctor!" or "I'm adopted!" Neither really makes a lot of sense, but that's how I've sung it for years.

The next is from the Beatles, and it's from "Get Back". (I may have mentioned this one in my blog before. But since I can't freaking search...[/irritated])
The beginning line is, "Jojo was a man who thought he was a loner", but I ALWAYS sing it as, "Jojo was a man who thought he was a monkey."
Yeah, I know. "loner" sounds NOTHING like "monkey", but, dude. All songs are better when you add monkeys.

And lastly, is "Head Over Feet" by Alanis Morissette. At the end, when she sings, "I am aware now. I am aware now." [2:58 - 3:04] I simply can not resist changing it to the hysterical, "I am a were-wolf. I am a were-wolf."

Good times. If I remember any others (and there are plenty of them), I'll make sure I update ya'll. And if you have any of your own you want to share, the comment box is open.

Monday, May 03, 2010

So, as Steph mentioned, yesterday we went to PetSmart, and Saren bought a female Fancy Rat, along with the bedding and some rat food, all using her own money.

Saren named the rat Skittles due to it's skittish nature, and also, I'm assuming, because inside the rodent were fruit-flavored sweet candies. Okay, not really. (But, man, if Science ever creates rats that poop skittles...)

Anyway. The new pet is quite cute, and Saren's pretty excited about the new addition to our household. She's wanted to have a rat for a long time, so it's nice for her to have accomplished that goal. I'm proud of her, and happy for her as well.

There is a cell-phone picture of Skittles down a few scrolls of the mouse (ha!!), or if you look at Steph's blog, you'll see much better resolution photos there.

The other pic I blogged was of Silas playing peek-a-boo with me behind the curtain. So, in that picture I can't see his face. Or his pants. (cuz they're camouflage.) He's a very well hidden little boy.

Where's Silas?

Saren's rat, Skittles

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Mr. Mischief

Saturday, May 01, 2010

New Rat cage!!

Rats not included

Every day in May

So the plan is to blog every day this month. The original plan was to write a story, in installments, like I did last May (remember that? I think it turned out well), and I still may (ha), but I will definitely be blogging each day. And a large majority of them might be photos. Because they're easier than writing words.

In fact, the next post (or, um, the one that you read before this one, if you got here after it has been posted [time is meaningless!]), is a photo. It's of Saren, cleaning her new rat cage. Yep. She's going to be picking up some rodents here in a few days. Perhaps as soon as tomorrow. I think she should name one of them Jen. [/only funny if you remember my unfinished Perth story. ...and even then, not really that funny]

So, yeah. At least one blog post a day for the next 31 days. We'll see how that plays out.