Monday, May 03, 2010

So, as Steph mentioned, yesterday we went to PetSmart, and Saren bought a female Fancy Rat, along with the bedding and some rat food, all using her own money.

Saren named the rat Skittles due to it's skittish nature, and also, I'm assuming, because inside the rodent were fruit-flavored sweet candies. Okay, not really. (But, man, if Science ever creates rats that poop skittles...)

Anyway. The new pet is quite cute, and Saren's pretty excited about the new addition to our household. She's wanted to have a rat for a long time, so it's nice for her to have accomplished that goal. I'm proud of her, and happy for her as well.

There is a cell-phone picture of Skittles down a few scrolls of the mouse (ha!!), or if you look at Steph's blog, you'll see much better resolution photos there.

The other pic I blogged was of Silas playing peek-a-boo with me behind the curtain. So, in that picture I can't see his face. Or his pants. (cuz they're camouflage.) He's a very well hidden little boy.

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