Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ha! I kill me!

Alf should be remade/rebooted/reimagined whatever it is they're calling it where they go back and mine a story for nostalgic reasons.

But they should totally go darker.

Other shows that should also get this treatment:

Bosom Buddies (that one doesn't have to be dark, and would probably work best as a comedy movie, ala The Brady Bunch)

Mr. Belvedere (again, big screen adaptation)

The Greatest American Hero (although I suspect that one is already on the air, and is currently going under the name of Chuck)

V. Oh. Wait. No, that one wouldn't work.

I'd like to see a Quantum Leap show that focused more on the time-travel wonkiness and how things were fixed. Like Timecop, but...not sucky like Timecop.

Or, Hollywood could come up with something original for a change. I mean, otherwise what are people going to remake 20 years from now?

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