Sunday, May 23, 2010

LOST Day!!

To celebrate, the following things have happened:

Silas & I both wore Locke shirts (his is orange, which isn't canon, but he looks cute in it anyway, so a lot is forgiven).

I reread several of my haiku reviews. (God, some of the stuff I've written is hilariously awesome. For example, the fact that Boone [the world's worst lifeguard] performed CPR on his sister...with his tongue. Heh.)

John Locke showed up in the Wii Play game where you have to "find 3 look alikes"! Even the Wii wants to celebrate!

It rained, and hailed, too! Wacky weather that changes on a dime is sooo like the Island's weather!

Saren, Irina, and I started to play Lost: The Game. ...only to stop at a pretty early juncture. (Consider it in honor of the millions of people who started watching Lost, then quit at some point) Now we'll never know if Claire died at her tent or not.

I had Steph take a photo of me with one dark eye and one light eye, just like in Claire's dream. (I might upload it in a little while. We'll see. For now, it's time to start the Lost-a-palooza!! The 2 hour recap, and then 2.5 hour finale. The final haiku will be posted ...sometime this week, after my mind has been reassembled, I guess.

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