Monday, May 24, 2010

Time, let me waste it

So, two things here.

1) Lost ended, and was ...polarizing, might be the most apt description. I was pretty disappointed, as was Stephanie, and a whole lot of other people on the internet were as well. But, it seems, just as many people seemed to either love it or at least, find it acceptable. And there were moments that I truly enjoyed.
But after it ended, I actually felt trepidation about writing up my haiku review. I still will, and hopefully in the few days that it takes before I get it written/posted, my thoughts will have coalesced a bit more and I can express in it what I both liked and what I did not. All in 17 syllabic chunks.

2) Over the weekend (on Saturday, actually), the station was broken into by some vandals. They stole all the computers downstairs, and dumped a whole bunch of filing cabinets with a BUNCH of papers all over the place.
(Un)fortunately, my computer is upstairs, which was completely left untouched, and so I am still able to work. It was the sales department (and receptionist) that was mostly affected by this. Of course, the repercussions will be long lasting, and I have a feeling things are going to feel...weird at work for a while.

2a) Today was my 15 year anniversary with the station.
... Fifteen years is a god damn long time.

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