Friday, May 21, 2010

Haiku Review: Lost - What They Died For

Penultimate Lost!!
How on earth will we survive
once this is over?

In Sideways world, Jack
wakes up with a bleeding neck.
Sign of things to come?

Jack has breakfast with
his son, David, who reminds
him 'bout the concert.

David's mom will be
there. It's obvious that she
is Juliet, but...

...since that's so easy
to see and not a twist, I
hope it's someone else.

Desmond prank calls Jack,
says they found his dad's body.
That's just cruel, brotha.

Next, Des drives to Locke's
school, where he plans to run down
Locke once again. Ha!

Ben stops Desmond, who
claims he ran Locke over to
help him let go. Hmmm.

He then proceeds to
beat the crap out of Ben, which
makes Ben remember.

When Ben tells Locke what
Des said about letting go,
Locke's all, "Jack said that!!"

Ben has dinner with
Alex and her mom, Danielle,
and it goes quite well.

Locke returns to Jack:
"I believe in destiny.
Or maybe it's Fate."

Jack says my line: "Don't
underestimate the strength
of coincidence."

Acutally, he says
Eko's line: "Don't mistake fate
for coincidence."

Scratch that. Reverse it.
"Don't mistake coincidence
for fate." There we go.

Either way, Locke says
he's ready to get out of
his wheelchair. Awesome.

Meanwhile, Desmond has
turned himself in to the cops.
Hi, Kate! Hi, Sayid!

With help from Hurley
and Ana-Lucia, Des
gets them out of jail.

Sayid and Hurley
leave together, while Des tells
Kate "it's concert time."

Ben, Miles and Richard
finally get to Ben's old house.
(What took them so long?)

Widmore and Zoe
are already there. Widmore
says Jacob sent him.

Well, that explains how
Widmore got back after he
was banished (if true).

Here comes Smocke! Miles says,
"I've seen what this guy can do."
Decides to run, hide.

Richard says, "I'll talk
to him." Which ...doesn't end well
for our poor Spaniard.

Ben hides Widmore in
his closet, instantly tells
Smocke where he's at. Ha!!

Smocke cuts Zoe's throat.
So, add that one to the list.
Widmore starts to talk...

...but then Ben shoots him.
So long, Widmore. (Be sure to
tell Miles your secrets.)

Let's check in on the
Final Four (Kate, Hurley, Jack
and Sawyer), shall we?

Jack has to sew up
Kate's wound. It's like the reverse
of the pilot ep

While getting sewn up,
Kate mourns for Ji Yeon, since her
parents forgot her.

She tells Jack, "We have
to kill Locke." (She means Smocke. Locke's
dead, remember Kate?)

Anyway. They head
off to find Des in the well
since Sayid said to.

Hurley gets stopped by
young Jacob. Or maybe it's
young Jacob's ghost. Um.

This kinda bugged me.
We've seen Jacob as a ghost.
His ghost is grown up.

So where'd young Jacob
come from? How can he be both
a kid and adult?

Plus, it's not like he
died when he was a child. So,
really, what the hell?

Well, whatever. Young
Jacob grabs his ashes from
Hurley, runs away.

Hurley finds Jacob
(in adult form) waiting for
him. "Let's have a talk."

The Final Four are
gathered around a campfire.
Jacob clues them in.

"Listen. One of ya'll
have to take over my job.
'Cuz I'm, you know, dead."

To no one's surprise,
Jack volunteers. He follows
Jacob to the Light.

(Which, it turns out, is
right next to where Jack woke up
back in the pilot.)

Jack drinks some magic
water, now they're the same. So...
call him Jackob now?

Smocke, meanwhile, has found
that Des is not in the well.
He tells Ben that he... gonna destroy
the Island. Yeah. Right. There's just
one episode left.

The End is nearly
upon us. Last chance to share
your theories, questions.