Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - House of the Rising Sun

Here comes the Sun. ..and
Jin episode. Sun and Jin
are the Koreans.

Jin was working as
a waiter when Sun first met
him. That much is true.

Sun's dad will only
let Jin marry his daughter
if Jin works for him.

So, great! Jin gets a
high paying job and gets to
marry his true love.

But if it were that
simple, it would be boring.
So. Complications.

It seems Jin is now
married to the mob. I mean
married to his job.

He's seldom home since
Sun's dad has him doing his
dirty work for him.

And as a result, Jin,
who once was a nice, decent
guy, has become...mean.

Not seeing any
other options, Sun has learned
English, plans to flee.

At the airport, though,
Sun sees the man she loves is
still there, so she stays.

On the Isle, Jin hits
Michael, so Sun has to come
clean: "Habla ingles"

Michael grudgingly
agrees to keep Sun's secret,
still doesn't like Jin.

Jack asks people to
move to the caves for safety.
Sayid's not convinced.

Sayid's argument
is the beach is more likely
the spot for rescue.

The camps get split. Kate,
Boone, Shannon, Sawyer, Michael
Sayid - stay on beach.

Hurley, Jin, Sun, Locke
move into the caves. So much
for "live together".

Oh, and Kate found the
remains of a couple in
the caves. Locke dubs them...

...Adam and Eve. Their
bones have been there a long time,
and each had a stone.

Jack took the stones, and
pocketed them. Does this mean
he's somehow Adam?

And lastly, Locke has
Charlie give him his drug stash,
points out his guitar.

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Amy said...

"Does this mean
he's somehow Adam?

I wonder if this show will introduce time travel at some point. !