Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Raised by Another

Eight months ago, young
Claire Littleton found out she
was pregnant. Uh-oh.

Not to worry, though.
Her boyfriend is on board.
Things are going great.

Claire goes with her friend
to get a psychic reading.
The psychic freaks out.

He asks the girls to
leave, and won't do the reading.
This doesn't bode well.

Five months ago, Claire's
boyfriend changed his tune and left
Claire all alone. Jerk.

A week later, Claire
returns to the psychic and
asks for a reading.

He informs her that
she must raise the child. "It can
not be another."

Claire doesn't want to
hear that. She's putting the kid
up for adoption.

The psychic begs her
to reconsider. "This child
needs your protection."

Four months ago, Claire
was ready to sign the forms,
but the pens were dry.

She took that as a
sign that adoption wasn't
the thing to do then.

A month and a half
ago, the psychic bought Claire
a plane ticket so...

...she could fly to where
a family was waiting to
adopt in L.A.

Fifteen days ago,
that plane crashed. So Claire *can* raise
the baby alone.

Which makes Claire wonder
if the psychic knew the plane
would crash all along.

But now, Claire's having
visions of being attacked
(or are they visions?)

Hurley points out to
Jack that they don't really know
one another well.

For instance, his name
is actually Hugo.
Hurley's a nickname.

So, Hugo wants to
get a census. Jack says "Go
for it." Hurley does.

One of the men we
see him interview is named
Ethan. Ethan Rom.

Near the end of the
ep, Hurley tells Jack, "Ethan's
not a passenger."

Ethan was not on
the plane to begin with. Crap!
Where is Ethan now?

He's in the jungle.
With Charlie, and Claire, who is
having contractions.

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