Monday, December 28, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Born to Run

A science teacher
named Arzt (but Hurley calls Arntz)
is a survivor...

...from the crash.Up 'til
now, he's been just an extra
with no speaking lines.

He tells the group that
the winds are changing, the raft
should launch...yesterday.

He's a bit of a
know-it-all and somewhat rude.
He should go away.

Sayid shows the Hatch
to Jack, who, like Locke wants to
open it up now.

Sayid is aghast.
He thought Jack would talk Locke out
of his crazy plan.

But Jack is all, "Hey
this could be a great place to
live!" Sayid thinks not.

The trio decide
they need to figure out what
they should all do next.

Michael continues
to work on the raft. He, Walt,
two more, will soon leave.

Position 3 is Jin.
Rounding out the crew - Sawyer.
Kate wants on the boat.

She tells Sawyer she'll
get his spot. He scoffs. But when
Sawyer & Michael...

...have an argument,
Michael says maybe Sawyer
shouldn't come along.

Sun, meanwhile, does not
want her husband to leave her,
but he won't listen.

Michael suddenly
gets quite ill. Jack figures out
that he's been poisoned.

Blame time! Michael blames
Sawyer. Sawyer blames Kate. Jack
does, too. Which makes sense.

When Sawyer reveals
Kate's criminal past to all,
she is ostracized.

Michael votes Sawyer
back onto the boat, which will
set sail tomorrow.

Jack concludes that Sun
poisoned the water, meaning
for Jin to drink it.

She wanted to make
him sick enough that he'd have
to stay and not go.

Walt warns Locke not to
open it (meaning the Hatch).
Walt knows he will, though.

So that night he tells
his dad, "I burned the first raft.
I wanted to stay."

Michael says, "We can
stay. We don't have to go." Walt
says, "Yes. We do." Chills!!


Amy said...

"named Arzt (but Hurley calls Arntz)"

Well, at first he Arzt, but now he Arntz.

P@ said...

I was sorely tempted to steal this joke when writing the recap for Exodus part 2. I might just start asking you for material.