Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Solitary

Sayid, wandering
the jungle, ends up caught by
distress signal girl!

The French woman who
made the distress signal has
been here all this time.

Her name is Danielle
Rousseau. And she is a bit
detached from normal.

She asks Sayid where
Alex is several times. He,
of course, doesn't know.

They trade stories. She
crashed here on a boat with her
science team, years back.

Her time on the isle
hasn't been fun. She rambles
about the Black Rock...

...the Others, some sort
of sickness, whispers in the
jungle, and Alex.

Alex was her child.
The other stuff is left vague.
Poor, crazy, Danielle.

She lets Sayid go
back to camp, once he repairs
her old music box.

On his way back, though,
Sayid is stopped when he hears
whispers in the jungle.

Meanwhile, Hurley builds
a golf course to help relieve
the stress and boredom.

Jack goes golfing. Wait.
A doctor? Golfing? Come on!!
That's ridiculous!

In Sayid's flashback
we met Nadia, Sayid's
true love. She's dead now.

She was to be killed
for treason, but Sayid helped
her escape that fate.

to help her escape, he shoots
a guard, then his leg.

Before she leaves him,
she signs a photo, "You'll see
me in the next life."

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