Monday, December 28, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - The Greater Good

In Sayid's flashbacks,
we learn the CIA used
Sayid as a mole.

Sayid's roommate from
his college days is plotting
to blow himself up.

In the end, Sayid
tells his friend he was working
for the CIA

His pal shoots himself.
But, Sayid learns Nadia
is alive stateside.

(Which makes me wonder
why he told Rousseau she was
. Writing error!!)

On the island, Boone's
funeral is being held.
It's not going well.

Sayid mentions (in
a roundabout way) how poor
a swimmer Boone was.

Then Locke shows up and
Jack goes berserk, punches him,
calls him a liar.

Locke tells the crowd 'bout
the plane that he and Boone found,
fails to mention Hatch.

Shannon tells Sayid:
"Locke killed my brother. Will you
do something 'bout that?"

So Sayid walks with
John to the plane, asking him
questions the whole way.

Locke's all, "Why don't you
trust me?" Sayid says: "You've got
a handgun on you."

Locke tells him about
the dead "priest", and then gives the
handgun to Sayid.

And then, because Locke
has some serious chutzpah,
he tells armed Sayid...

..."I was the one who
knocked you out and broke your stuff
Sayid aims the gun.

Locke talks him out of
pulling the trigger, but *still*
lies about the Hatch.

Meanwhile, Kate drugs Jack
with sleeping pills to force him
to recuperate.

While he's passed out, the
key to the case with the guns
goes missing. Uh-oh.

It's Shannon who took
the key, and she has a gun
now. She wants revenge.

Sayid, Jack and Kate
try to talk Shannon out of
killing Locke. She shoots.

But the gunshot goes
wild, only grazing Locke's skull.
It's just a flesh wound.

I'll quickly mention
the b-story here: Charlie
is baby-sitting.

He's christened the child:
Turnip-head. (Ha ha! I had
forgotten 'bout that.)

The only person
who can stop Turnip-head from
crying is Sawyer.

At the very end,
Sayid goes to Locke, demands
to be shown the Hatch

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