Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Exodus, Part 1

Season finale!!
This ep plus the next one have
multiple flashbacks

The flashbacks are brief,
and mostly unimportant.
One exception: Jack's.

Jack is in a bar,
Michelle Rodriguez sits next
to him. Her name is...

That's too many syllables!
Let's call her "Ana".

Ana flirts with Jack,
and we learn she will be on
the plane...in the back.

Oh, we also learn
Sawyer's real last name. It's "Ford".
Okay. Island time.

Danielle shows up on
the beach with a warning: The
Others are coming.

She tells them all how
sixteen years ago they showed
up and took her child.

First, she says, there was
a pillar of black smoke. That
night they took Alex.

Now they are coming
back. The survivors have 3
options: Run. Hide. Die.

A pillar of black
smoke on the horizon seems
to prove she's correct.

Jack's plan is to get
into the hatch, and hide the
group inside it. But...

...to do that, he needs
explosives. Danielle will take
them to the Black Rock.

So. Jack, Kate, Hurley,
Locke, Danielle, and Arzt will trek
to get the boom sticks.

Meanwhile, the raft is
nearly ready to set sail.
Jack wishes James luck.

And gives him one of
the guns ("just in case"). Sawyer
tells Jack 'bout his dad

Walt gives Vincent to
Shannon. Sun gives Jin a list
to help his English.

Jin says he's going
to save her. They share a kiss.
Then, it's time to go.

The raft is launched, and
amidst cheery, uplifting
music, starts sailing.

Meanwhile, the jungle
crew has arrived at Black Rock.
It's a pirate ship.

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