Saturday, December 05, 2009

Life is perfect, never better

("Mother Mother" by Tracy Bonham)

So. Hypothetical.

Imagine your parents got divorced when you were 8. Your father got custody of you, and for several summers you would visit your mother (who remarried and lived in another state, all the way across the country). Around the age of 15, flying across country (and back) was simply too expensive, and you couldn't make the annual visit.

You lose touch with your mother, who doesn't write, or call, or attempt to make any contact with you.

Years pass, and you grow older and have children of your own. Your mother doesn't even (as far as you know) know that she now HAS grandchildren. She's never met them, or seen photos of them, or even heard of them.

Then, you get an email notification in your inbox from Facebook that your mother has added you as a friend. With the comment, "I believe you are my long lost son. I hope that you will allow me to reconnect with you via Facebook. Please let me know."

....What do you do? What do you say? How can you reestablish a link that has been absent for so many years (and should you even try)?


Amy said...

I would probably try. Under the guiding principle that if it doesn't work out I could defriend her, quit Facebook, and then blow up the internet.

There are, of course, many hypothetical considerations that may sway my opinion on this.

allison said...

I think there is no answer to this that can come from anyone other than the person involved.

I know, no help whatsoever. I suck.