Thursday, December 17, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues

Was Jack's dad, Christian:
Alcoholic? Surgeon? Jerk?
All of the above!

Seems Christian sometimes
went into surgery while

Jack at first covers
for his dad. Ultimately,
though, he turns him in.

So, yeah, you could say
that Jack has daddy issues.
So...he's a cowboy?

That's in the past, though.
Presently, everyone is
looking for Ethan

Who has managed to
kidnap both Claire (who's pregnant)
and Charlie, alone.

He made fake trails, too.
Dude's a good multi-tasker,
is all I'm saying.

Jack, Kate, Boone, and Locke
are following the trails. Kate
has some tracking skills.

Jack & Kate head one
way, Boone & Locke another.
Jack finds Ethan....'s fist.

Ethan beats the crap
out of Jack, warning him to
stop following him.

If he doesn't, he
will kill one of them. Moments
later, there's Charlie...

...hanging from a tree.
Jack and Kate cut him down. Jack
performs CPR.

But it's too late. Kate
asks Jack to stop. Jack won't give
up. He continues.

And then, it works! Jack
worked another miracle.
They shed joyful tears.

They return to the
camp, but Charlie's traumatized.
He won't speak, just stares.

he tells Jack that "they" only
wanted Claire. Just Claire.

Meanwhile, Boone and Locke
are still in the jungle. Boone
tells Locke 'bout Redshirts.

Locke replies, "Sounds like
Kirk was a piss poor captain."
Ha! That scene was great.

Later that night Boone
wants to head back. John tosses
him a flashlight, but...

...Boone misses the catch,
and it hits the ground with a
metallic "ka-thunk!".

The duo reveal
something large and metal is
buried in the ground.

Boone asks, "What is that?"
Locke: "We're going to find out."

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