Sunday, December 13, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost- White Rabbit

Charlie yells for Jack
to save someone from drowning,
since Charlie can't swim.

Jack jumps in and saves...
Boone. Wow. He really is the
worst lifeguard ever.

Especially since
Boone was out there trying to
rescue a woman.

So the woman drowns,
and Jack feels guilty, and goes
off to chase his dad.

The fact that his dad
is here on the Island makes
Jack somewhat worried.

For two reasons. One:
Jack's dad was a bit of a
jerk. Also? He's dead.

Jack, being Mr.
Logic, thinks he's gone nuts from
dehydration, stress.

Locke, on the other
hand, says, "What if you're not nuts?"
Which....isn't helpful.

So Jack chases his
dead, jerkass dad and almost
falls off a cliff. Ha!!

Eventually, Jack
finds both a water supply,
and his dad's coffin.

The coffin is sans
papa, which doesn't do much
for Jack's sanity.

But, hey! Fresh water!
Jack says, "Live together or
die alone. Your choice."


Annika said...

You know, your haiku make a lot more sense than the actual show.

P@ said...

Thanks, Annika!
Apparently, blogger agrees with you, as the word verification I have is "patfu".
And I'm still hoping the final episode will be titled "Now It All Makes Sense."