Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Exodus, Part 2

Jack, Kate, and Locke go
inside the Black Rock. Hurley
and Arzt stay outside.

The trio find an
old crate full of dynamite.
They carry it out.

Arzt berates the main
characters, telling them they
need to be careful.

He does have a point,
because mid-sentence the stick
Arzt was holding? Boom.

Yup. Just like that, Arzt
exploded. Nobody will
really miss him, though.

Very carefully
Jack and Locke pick up and wrap
some dynamite sticks.

As the group heads back
they encounter the Monster.
They all, but Locke, run.

Locke goes to see the
Monster, and winds up getting
dragged away by it.

The Monster tries to
pull Locke into a hole. Jack
grabs his arms, holds on.

He uses a stick
of dynamite to force the
Monster to let go.

We get a semi-
good look at the Monster for
the first time. It's ...smoke.

Yes. Apparently
the thing making machine-like
noises, crushing trees...

...dragging Locke, eating
pilots, and scaring the crap
out of them all? Smoke.

On the beach Danielle
shows up and steals Turnip-head.
Sayid and Charlie...

...go after her. They
track her down near the black smoke.
She wanted to trade.

In her nutso mind,
she would give them Turnip-head,
she would get Alex.

But, the Others aren't
there to make the trade. Charlie
thinks she made them up.

But, no, she heard the
whispers. They said "we're coming
for the child. The boy."

Sayid and Charlie
take back Turnip-head, who is
named Aaron by Claire.

On the raft, a boat
approaches! Everyone cheers!
Yay! They are rescued!!

Michael begins to
tell their rescuers about
the crash and so on.

He's interrupted
by the boat's captain, saying
some creepy ass lines:...

..."Only, the thing is,
we're going to have to take
the boy." Oh my god.

Michael says, "Hell no."
The boat people shoot Sawyer
who falls overboard.

Jin jumps in to save
him. Two of the Others board
the raft, and take Walt.

As Walt is taken
from his dad, screaming, Michael
jumps in the water...

...as a Molotov
cocktail burns his second raft,
and the Others flee.

Michael cries Walt's name
in a heartbreaking voice as
the boat disappears.

Back on the island,
Hurley notices the Hatch
contains the Numbers.

He tries to stop Locke
from lighting the dynamite,
but he's too late. Boom!

The hatch is removed,
and Jack and Locke peer down a
very long passage.

So what's inside? We'll
have to wait until Season
Two to answer that!

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