Sunday, December 20, 2009

Haiku Review: Lost - Outlaws

The T-1000
tells Sawyer he's found the guy
who ruined his life.

He goes by the name
of Frank Duckett and he is
living in Sydney.

Sawyer goes down there,
gets a handgun, and stalks Frank.
But can't murder him.

So Sawyer ends up
in a bar, getting drunk, and
Christian Shepherd's there!

Jack's dad admits that
he loves his son, but is too
weak to call him up.

He tells Sawyer, whose
real first name is James, to take
care of his business.

So Sawyer gets his
Ducketts all in a row, and
shoots Frank in cold blood.

As Frank is dying,
we learn he's not who James was
looking for at all.

Mr. Duckett was
just a guy who owed the T-
1000 money.

Main lesson here is
never trust Robert Patrick.
He's an evil dude.

Frank's dying words were,
"It will come back around." So
James is a bit freaked...

...When he hears that phrase
among the whispers while he
is in the jungle.

For a good portion
of this ep, James is harassed
by one of the boar.

He's semi-convinced
the boar has a vendetta
against him. (He's right.)

He wants to kill the
boar, but ultimately he's
like, "It's just a pig."

Near the end, Sawyer
figures out he met Jack's dad,
but doesn't tell him.

(Because it makes more
sense to wait until a more
dramatic moment.)

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